Truck Day is Here!!


Not a big deal you say, Well then you don’t live in Boston! Truck Day is the Start of The Baseball Season, it also means Spring is just around the corner!

It’s not like we don’t like winter in New England, but Mother Nature has been cruel to us this year and I think everyone is looking forward to Spring.

The Pitchers and Catchers have already started arriving in Fort Myers.

As I look out at that cloudy sky, through the snow flakes, I know there is hope! ” It’s Truck Day”!



Merry Christmas Red Sox Fans

Adrian Gonzalez

Thank you Theo!

In concept, and perhaps in reality, there probably hasn’t been a better match for a team in recent times than Adrian Gonzalez and the Red Sox.

He kind of reminds me of Johnny Damon.  I hope he is a nicer person.

Tedy Bruschi, who helped the Patriots win three Super Bowls during his 13-year career and courageously returned to the field after suffering a mild stroke, was honored at halftime.ats The Pats killed the Jets last night.  Better than that, the game was dedicated to Tedy Burschi. If there were more Patriot Players like Tedy I might like football, but for the time being unless they make the Superbowl I’ll have to wait until Spring to watch sports on TV.


One more year for Big Papi

The Sox yesterday exercised their one-year, $12.5 million option on Ortiz. The decision brings the ever-popular Big Papi back for a ninth season.

The Sox will pay Ortiz what could turn out to be twice as much as any other DH in the game makes. But Ortiz is not just another slugger for hire, given his place in team history and popularity.(

This is such a good start for the Team.

Now it’s time to look at the pitchers.

So Happy for the Giants! If it couldn’t be the Red Sox, I was hoping for San Francisco.

 We have lots of family in Frisco.  One of my younger cousins took the time off work, flew to Texas and was there for the Series Winning Game!! Something he will never forget! So happy for you Teddy!  Hope you took a ton of pictures.



Gentleman Tim

Tim Wakefield has been named the recipient of the 2010 Roberto Clemente award, an award given annually to the player who “combines a dedication to giving back to the community with outstanding skills on the baseball field.  Who better deserving?Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield has been named the recipient of the 2010 Roberto Clemente award, an award given annually to the player who 'combines a dedication to giving back to the community with outstanding skills on the baseball field.' It was the eighth nomination for Wakefield, a player who has given tirelessly to charities ranging from the Jimmy Fund to his 'Pitching in for Kids' organization to the Space Coast Early Intervention Center in his hometown of Melbourne, Fla., among other organizations. On the following pages, we take a look back at the knuckleballer's 18-year Major League career...Wakefield waves to the fans at Fenway Park during a pregame ceremony celebrating the Red Sox win in the 2004 World Series. The ceremony was held prior to the 2005 season opener against the New York Yankees in Boston.(photo’s from Boston.Com)

I am so Proud of him, as I’m sure all of Red Sox Nation is!!

I have been watching him for 18 years and am just so happy for him and his family!

It really is a great honor to be recognized for the great work you do outside of baseball!



Congratulations to the S. F. Giants!! 2 down, 2 more to go!


Good Luck John

John Farerell will be the new Manager for the Toronto Blue Jays.  I’m very happy for him.  I liked John while he was here, but I’m sure most coaches try so hard because some day they want to Manage a team.  Well John succeeded.  That says a lot for the Sox.  He did good! And now he is off on his own. 

Sorry John, I like you, but we are still going to kick your butt!John Farrell will be toting a new jersey around MLB stops next season as Blue Jays manager.

Now what about a replacement? Rumors are flying that our Captain might be retiring? Well, what better pitching coach than a former catcher? Especially one that knows the pitchers.

I just love this Photo!

(Photo’s borrowed without permission from Google)

World Series Starts Tonight!!

I am leaning toward San Francisco, Javi Lopez is pitching for them……..but of course I want Cliff Lee to win ( I would also like to see the Sox get him, but they probably won’t)

So I really don’t care which team wins, I am just really happy that it is the Giants and the Rangers playing!! (if it can’t be the Red Sox)


Didn’t think I would be so sad

I watch quite a bit of Baseball this weekend.  I didn’t expect much, boy was i surprised! First on Friday night they didn’t postpone the game until after 10:00. It was pouring, everyone knew the game was not going to be played, but they just wouldn’t pospone, so we waited.

Saturdays game was a little disapointing, but what the heck we knew we were out of the running, and it was Mike Lowell’s farewell game.  Just writing that makes me cry.  I can’t believe he won’t be with the team come Spring Training time.

Then came the make up game.  No starters except for J.D. as DH. What the hell were we trying to lose?  Surprise, we won it in the 10th!!

Yesterdays game made me cry again, possibly the last time Jason Varitek will step up to the plate as a Red Sox. He will always be the team Captain to me.

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek gets a hug from Victor Martinez after he was replaced in the ninth inning yesterday.

So what if the Yankees won the Wild Card, we knew we couldn’t.

But we won the game, the weekend, and we looked terrific!!

So go play your Playoff Games and we will sit back and wait for Spring.  But we have to Thank the Sox for a Great Ending to a crazy season.

My daughter went to a good bye time for Mike Lowell at Jerry Remys new restaurant, and won a Wally Doll, autographed by Jerry.  I have an original Wally, but this one is so much nicer, it has Jerry’s name on it’s butt, and I love Jerry. ( by the way the Wally doll is now mine,  because I lent her my Mike Lowell shirt)

I will probably do a blog saying Good Bye to Mike Lowell, but right now I just can’t.



Season is winding down

Until late last night, it was a great weekend for Baseball.  The Sox vs the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and we took the first two games easily.  Then last night that all changed.  When I went to sleep we were winning.   When I woke this morining and found out the score I felt sick.  But after thinking about it, it’s okay, it really was a stretch to think they could pull off the Wild Card this late in the Season.  And two wins against the Yankees in their Stadium, well that was just unbelievable! And beautiful to watch.

The Red Sox [team stats] have nothing to be ashamed of.

It was a tough year with injuries, and the rookies put in a lot of time.  Some came through with flying colors.

We all wish it would have turned out differently, but they certainly make it interesting.

Mike Lowell is retiring after this Season, and I thought Friday night he was on his way to the hospital.  Getting hit in the face is no way to end your career.

Mike getting up after getting hit.

IN THE SWING: Mike Lowell cracks a...

Mike’s last at bat at Yankee Stadium.

7 more games, where did this Season go?


First day of Autumn

I am not a big fan of Autumn, things end in the fall.  The leaves turn color and drop off the trees, it gets dark early and baseball comes to an end.

Sure there are still 10 regular season games, and then the playoffs, and then of course the World Series.  But if the Red Sox are not in the Series, well it’s just one more reason to dislike Autumn.

The game last night was really good, but it was against Baltimore, and we should have done that in the first 2 games of the series.  I have been saying all along that it’s not over yet, but after losing 2 out of 3 to Baltimore, I finally had to concede that it is over.

With no pressure going into the Yankees series they should be pretty enjoyable games.

PAPI LOVE: David Ortiz (right) gets a...

Wish we had seen more of this.

I hope Mike gets to play a couple of games to end the season.

I know he has to retire, I know his hip won’t stand much more, but I will miss him.


Home again

Sox are home tonight playing Toronto, let’s hope the winning continues and the Yankees keep losing.

Derek Jeter sure was very upfront about it afterward. “It’s part of the game,” he said. “My job is to get on base.”

 This is the quote from Jeter after getting caught faking getting hit by the ball and taking a base.

Derek Jeter

(Never thought I would put a picture of a Yankee on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist)

The Yankee shortstop is regarded by many as Mr. Purity.( not by me, but I have heard nice things said about him).  He cheated!! that is the bottom line.

We are in the middle of a penant race.  The Wild Card is not out of our reach.  We do not need trusted players like Derek Jeter Cheating!!

Just one more reason to dislike the Yankees!


As time goes by

I remember the first time I ever went to Fenway to watch the Sox play.  Sure I had heard them on the radio and watched a few games on TV, but sitting on the first base line, right over the dugout. Unbelieveable! It was love at first sight.

My problem is I can’t let go.  When I like a player, or coach, or even manager I can’t bear to see them leave.  Either with injury or a trade or retirement.

Well it’s happening again, Mike Lowell is retiring.  I understand his hip just won’t come back. I know when he is out on the field he gives it all, but he feels this is the end.  Time to throw in the towel. 

I really missed him on third base this season, and hate the thought of him off the sox permanently

But time goes on and things change, and I’m sure someday the Sox will have another third baseman that wins the Golden Glove.  I just hope we don’t have to wait to long.

Adios` Mike, you made it look so easy!

So Handsome!

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