J.D. ‘s the Man, again!!

Two home runs. That’s for you non believers!  We’re going into this series ready. The yankees took their homestand from us, now it’s our turn and J.D., Victor Martinez and even Jon Lester showed everyone we are not going to lay down.

This should be a great weekend for Red Sox Baseball!!  Jerry Remy is back in the booth and the Yankees are in town!

J.D. Drew

It’s Friday, the sun is shinning, it’s a beautiful day! Enjoy it.


After looking pretty bad the first inning, Crabcakes pulled it together and went eight more scoreless innings, great job Jon.

Even without his best stuff, Jon Lester won handily.




  1. redsoxchickcyn

    Very pleased about JD Drew!

    Not so pleased about reading a Red Sox blog and there being all Yankees blogs in the “You might be interested in” box.

    If I wanted to read a Yankees blog, I’d be a Yankees fan.

    MLBLogs really needs to change that. I’d hate having links to other blogs on my blog that I didn’t choose.

    (Nice to see you blogging again!)

  2. noni

    //you might be interested in//
    Mlb linking to Yankee blogs is one reason I stopped blogging.
    I like to blog, I don’t need links or stars, or numbers, I blog for me.

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