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And the Yankees lost. So let’s just say we win the next two agains the White Sox and the Yankees lose the next two that puts us oh, let us see, I think that 3 1/2 out.  Well still not unreachable.  Keep up the good work guys! ; )


Deepest Synpathy goes out to the Kennedy Family, Senator Edward Kennedy passed away last night after a year and a half of suffering with brain cancer.  Massachusetts will never again have a Senator that works as hard as Sen. Kennedy did.  He will be missed.

Edward M. Kennedy.



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  1. juliasrants

    Actually the Red Sox are 6 games behind the Yankees and 1 1/2 games in front of the Rangers so if we win the next two and the Yankees lose we will be 4 behind. The Red Sox and Yankees have played the same number of games to date so we are only dealing with whole games now. We were 7 1/2 behind them on Monday when we picked up a half game on the Yankees off day. It is hard keeping all the number straight – there are too many of them!


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