Day of Surprises

I really am not much of a football fan, but I do follow our Patriots in the newspaper and always watch playoff games and the Superbowl. And of course I have a favorite player ‘Tedy Bruschi”!

He was the first Patriot my Granddaughter would see on the screen and yell his name. Also her first tee shirt.

I was really sorry to hear he was retiring this morning, but happy too. I worried after his stroke something would happen on the field.  Wishing you every happiness Tedy!

Yesterdays game was a bit of a surprise.  I know they always have a good chance of winning, but with Paul Byrd on the mound, well I wasn’t bothered that I had to go to a birthday party and miss the game. My bad, I missed a good game.

I was so happy for Rocco!  Wish he was well enough to play more often, but I love when he does play and plays well!Rocco Baldelli was congratulated in the Red Sox dugout after his solo home run in the second inning.(photos from



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