Papi is looking pretty good

For all you non believers, Papi is doing what he should be doing, hitting those home runs and making it look so easy!  Sure he trots slowly around the bases, why not, is there a rule that says you have to run quickly around? I don’t think so.  People just need something negative to say, first he was old, and in a slump, never to get out of this season, now that he is out of his slump, he runs too slowly.  Looks like he just can’t please everyone.  Papi has never been speed racer! we all know that. As long as he is getting the hits, why don’t they back off and leave him alone?

File:Jeremy Kapstein.jpgJeremy Kapstein, always sitting right behind the catcher at Fenway Park.  But who is he? Senior Advisor/Baseball Projects for the Boston Red Sox. and now trying to get into political life.  He is running for LT. Governer in the State of Rhode Island.  If elected he has promised to give all his time to his political carreer. Good Luck Jeremy.

Sox are back home tonight. Looks like Dice K pitching. Let’s keep the streak going!



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