Umpires can be wrong sometimes

Jim Joyce a major league baseball umpire made the worse call of his carreer last night, and he will be the first to admit it. Armando Galarraga (Detroit Tigers) had a perfect game right up to the last pitch, when Joyce called Clevelands Jason Donald safe at first.  After the game Joyce watched the replay over and over and admitted he was wrong.  What happens now? Does Galarraga get his perfect game? 


Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was voted the American League Player for the month of May.

This marks David’s fourth career Player of the Month Award,Ortiz hit .363 with four doubles, 10 home runs, 16 runs and 27 RBI’s.

Way to go Papa!

PAPI POWER: Red Sox DH David Ortiz...

Ken Griffey Jr. retired last night, I find it sad when a player like Griffey ends his carreer.  It makes me feel very old.  When my daughters Godson was a little boy he loved Ken Griffey Jr.  I didn’t understand at the time how you could love someone that much that didn’t play for the Red Sox.  Well Patrick is now in his 20’s, and I get it.  There are not enough players out there like him. Sorry you never played for the Sox!

Sox played a great game last night!  One more tonight then on the road again.



One comment

  1. redsoxchickcyn

    After trouble in the 1st, Daisuke pitched a fabulous game last night.

    This is almost all but lost to me right now because I’m still on fire about Jim Joyce and his awful call.

    An afternoon at the park will hopefully help!

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