I know why people don’t read the sports page

I think Gerry Callahan from the Boston Herald and Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe,are the same person.

They both contine to write negatively about the Sox.  They won’t give them a break no matter what is going on.  Injuries, so what, the rest of the team makes a zillion dollars so we should still be in first place.  So what’s the problem?

We still have 31 games to play, that means we are not out of it yet!  How about some of that “Home Town Spirit”, if we beat the Yankees, and we beat TampaBaltimore………….well there is a hell of a good chance we will make the wild card.  It’s not like we didn’t do it before (2004) when the writers ( see above) had us down and out.

Hopefully it all starts tonight against Baltimore.

POP AT THE TROP: Sox slugger Victor...(photo from boston herald.com)

FULLY CHARGED: Victor Martinez...

Let’s try standing behind them and praying for the best!  Who know’s stranger things have happen~





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