First day of Autumn

I am not a big fan of Autumn, things end in the fall.  The leaves turn color and drop off the trees, it gets dark early and baseball comes to an end.

Sure there are still 10 regular season games, and then the playoffs, and then of course the World Series.  But if the Red Sox are not in the Series, well it’s just one more reason to dislike Autumn.

The game last night was really good, but it was against Baltimore, and we should have done that in the first 2 games of the series.  I have been saying all along that it’s not over yet, but after losing 2 out of 3 to Baltimore, I finally had to concede that it is over.

With no pressure going into the Yankees series they should be pretty enjoyable games.

PAPI LOVE: David Ortiz (right) gets a...

Wish we had seen more of this.

I hope Mike gets to play a couple of games to end the season.

I know he has to retire, I know his hip won’t stand much more, but I will miss him.



Home again

Sox are home tonight playing Toronto, let’s hope the winning continues and the Yankees keep losing.

Derek Jeter sure was very upfront about it afterward. “It’s part of the game,” he said. “My job is to get on base.”

 This is the quote from Jeter after getting caught faking getting hit by the ball and taking a base.

Derek Jeter

(Never thought I would put a picture of a Yankee on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist)

The Yankee shortstop is regarded by many as Mr. Purity.( not by me, but I have heard nice things said about him).  He cheated!! that is the bottom line.

We are in the middle of a penant race.  The Wild Card is not out of our reach.  We do not need trusted players like Derek Jeter Cheating!!

Just one more reason to dislike the Yankees!


As time goes by

I remember the first time I ever went to Fenway to watch the Sox play.  Sure I had heard them on the radio and watched a few games on TV, but sitting on the first base line, right over the dugout. Unbelieveable! It was love at first sight.

My problem is I can’t let go.  When I like a player, or coach, or even manager I can’t bear to see them leave.  Either with injury or a trade or retirement.

Well it’s happening again, Mike Lowell is retiring.  I understand his hip just won’t come back. I know when he is out on the field he gives it all, but he feels this is the end.  Time to throw in the towel. 

I really missed him on third base this season, and hate the thought of him off the sox permanently

But time goes on and things change, and I’m sure someday the Sox will have another third baseman that wins the Golden Glove.  I just hope we don’t have to wait to long.

Adios` Mike, you made it look so easy!

So Handsome!

All pictures from


It’s not over “till the fat lady sings”

Wakefield became the oldest pitcher in franchise history to win a game.  He took the title away from the “Big Cheese” himself, Dennis Eckersley. Eck was 43 years and 349 days old when he won his last game, and Wake is 44 years and 38 days old today!!

Just to make the win that much better it was against Garza. Of all the pichers in Tampa he is the one I dislike the most.  His spitting is gross. I can’t stand watching him.

Day off today while they travel to the West Coast, Oakland and Seattle, then back home.

The season is winding down.  Doesn’t look like a Championship this year, but stranger things have happen.  Beating Tampa 2 out of 3 games, what the he77, It’s not over yet!


I know why people don’t read the sports page

I think Gerry Callahan from the Boston Herald and Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe,are the same person.

They both contine to write negatively about the Sox.  They won’t give them a break no matter what is going on.  Injuries, so what, the rest of the team makes a zillion dollars so we should still be in first place.  So what’s the problem?

We still have 31 games to play, that means we are not out of it yet!  How about some of that “Home Town Spirit”, if we beat the Yankees, and we beat TampaBaltimore………….well there is a hell of a good chance we will make the wild card.  It’s not like we didn’t do it before (2004) when the writers ( see above) had us down and out.

Hopefully it all starts tonight against Baltimore.

POP AT THE TROP: Sox slugger Victor...(photo from boston

FULLY CHARGED: Victor Martinez...

Let’s try standing behind them and praying for the best!  Who know’s stranger things have happen~




Say it isn’t so “Johnny Damon” coming back? Oh no!

“the abuse he received at Fenway the last few years may be playing a role in his decision.”

I hope that’s true, that he is so thin skinned he won’t want to come back.  He was great in his time, and helped us win a World Series, but that was then, this is now. 

Johnny left for the evil empire, I don’t think we need or really want him back. (besides I think my granddaughter finally got rid of his tee shirt)

The last three games have really been pretty exciting.

51/2 games out, It’s not over yet.


Welcome home

6-0 Red Sox is a great way to start the home stand. Great way to welcome Dustin back.

Now we just have to keep up the momentum.

Rookie swats 1st Grand Slam.  “RYAN!”

Back in the dugout Ryan admitted he had never hit a grand slam before.  Congratulations Ryan, keep up the good work.

FOUR-GONE: Ryan Kalish watches his...

Every year we seem to bring someone up from the minors that stands out, this year it’s

 Ryan Kalish! 

HAVING A BASH: Ryan Kalish is greeted...