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One more year for Big Papi

The Sox yesterday exercised their one-year, $12.5 million option on Ortiz. The decision brings the ever-popular Big Papi back for a ninth season.

The Sox will pay Ortiz what could turn out to be twice as much as any other DH in the game makes. But Ortiz is not just another slugger for hire, given his place in team history and popularity.(boston.com)

This is such a good start for the Team.

Now it’s time to look at the pitchers.

So Happy for the Giants! If it couldn’t be the Red Sox, I was hoping for San Francisco.

 We have lots of family in Frisco.  One of my younger cousins took the time off work, flew to Texas and was there for the Series Winning Game!! Something he will never forget! So happy for you Teddy!  Hope you took a ton of pictures.




Maybe a trip to West Coast is what Dice K needed

Good game last night, Dice K pitching like the old Dice K!

Daisuke Matsuzaka works against the...

thanks to Matsuzaka, the Red Sox remained only 3 1/2 games behind.

Funny thing with all the injuries my 9 year old Granddaughter knows more RedSox players and positions than I do.

PATIENT APPROACH: Mike Lowell chats...A reporter for the Sunday Herald Ray Borges  did a full page on Mike Lowell and him sitting around the dugout just waiting to be traded.  I know it’s probably true, but I hated the way the story read.  Kind of like kicking the dog when he’s down.  I love Mike, but enough, I wish they would decide what they are going to do and do it.

This is probably the first year since I started watching baseball that I don’t have a favorite player.  Of course there’s always Wakefield, but he’s getting old, and I think Tito expects too much from him.


The picture says it all

Welcome to Fenway, Tampa

Great Job by Big Papi last night, I think he got the team pumped up to win.  Let’s go for a sweep!

Mike LowellIt looks like Mike asked to be put on the DL. says his hip is giving him trouble.  It could be, but because he hasn’t played much this season, who knows.    I just know I wish he was back playing at third base.


The team has changed so much this year, and there are so many guys out on the DL. 


Nice Guys don’t always finish last

I know some Red Sox fans that really liked Justin Masterson.  I was not one of them.  I thought he was a nice enough guy, but we have better pitchers.  Well last night he pretty much said ” in your face, Red Sox”. It’s nights like this when you start to wonder about them getting rid of someone.  Sometimes it just comes back and bites you in the butt!

COMPLETELY MASTER-FUL: Indians righty...

“They were the greatest of players and best of friends,” Henry said. “We felt that it would be fitting to dedicate a statue to the memory of not just their time on the hallowed field of Fenway Park but also to the steadfast loyalty and devotion they had for one another as well as their lifelong love for the game of baseball.”~John Henry, Principal Owner, Boston Red Sox,speaking about Johnny Pesky, Dominic DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr, Ted Williams

What a wonderful thing to live long enought to see yourself immortalized! I am not quite old enough to say I saw them play, but I am old enought to say I listened to the games they played in.  Baseball should have more Ambassadors like these two Gentlemen!


TRUE IMMORTALS: Red Sox legends...



I very rarely write anything about a Yankee, especially one we tried to get to play for us and they went the way of the money, but I am getting a lot of pleasure out of Mark Teixeira’s dry spell.  The media is all over him, and he is not to happy with the negative press.  It’s nice they are picking on someone other than Big Papi right now.

Yankees' Mark Teixeira, right,...



Umpires can be wrong sometimes

Jim Joyce a major league baseball umpire made the worse call of his carreer last night, and he will be the first to admit it. Armando Galarraga (Detroit Tigers) had a perfect game right up to the last pitch, when Joyce called Clevelands Jason Donald safe at first.  After the game Joyce watched the replay over and over and admitted he was wrong.  What happens now? Does Galarraga get his perfect game? 


Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was voted the American League Player for the month of May.

This marks David’s fourth career Player of the Month Award,Ortiz hit .363 with four doubles, 10 home runs, 16 runs and 27 RBI’s.

Way to go Papa!

PAPI POWER: Red Sox DH David Ortiz...

Ken Griffey Jr. retired last night, I find it sad when a player like Griffey ends his carreer.  It makes me feel very old.  When my daughters Godson was a little boy he loved Ken Griffey Jr.  I didn’t understand at the time how you could love someone that much that didn’t play for the Red Sox.  Well Patrick is now in his 20’s, and I get it.  There are not enough players out there like him. Sorry you never played for the Sox!

Sox played a great game last night!  One more tonight then on the road again.


Changing their tune

I would love to be in a bar with David Ortiz and have Dan Shaughnessy and Tony Massarotti walk up to him and try to shake his hand and have David hit them both square in the middle of the face.

One day he is over the hill, on his way out, and the next he is the hero of the Red Sox.

Any real fan knew he would be back in great form, and he is!

Massarotti and Shaughnessy had a debate over weather or not Papi was done. and the sox should let him go.  Who do they think they are? I think he has proven he still has it, not that he had to prove anything to me.  This is the reason I have stopped reading the Globe.

The Globe sports reporters seem to gloat in big names having a tough time.WELCOME SIGHT: David Ortiz gets...Great job Papi, and beautiful picture borrowed without permission from the boston herald.

Very busy Memorial day weekend, we are very active with the Girl Scouts in our town and spend Memorial day weekend putting flags on Soldiers graves at the local cementary and marching in the Parade.  We are trying to teach the girls what it means to love and defend your country.

Did get to peek at Lester for a while, not his greatest game, but we pulled it off.

Long weekends are never long enough.

Back to the grind today and Sox home tonight with Oakland.