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Sox and Celtics vs L.A.

I really miss Manny when I see pictures like this one.  But deep inside I have to hope he forgot how to play the green wall!

I won’t boo him tonight, but I won’t cheer him either.  He hurt us, and for no really good reason.

It will be interesting to watch how the fans react to him.


“John Farrell loves him. Absolutely loves him.” That’s what Tito had to say about Felix Doubront, the triple A pitcher that will start the game tonight for the Sox. 

I just hope the rest of the team is going to play some Kick *** Baseball tonight.  Sorry Manny, but you left us.

Last Game in the Celtic/L.A. fight for the Championship> Go Celtics, bring home the title!

I just heard on the radio it would be Lackey tonight? not sure who’s pitching



It’s what the game is all about

Let’s just forget about yesterdays game, (except for the part where Wake pitch in 3000 innings)  and go back for a day to Saturdays game when the Sox brought up a rookie to play out field. 

Unlikely he would do much, It was an irony that he even played in the minors, never mind the majors, and now Daniel Nava’s name is in the history books! How great can he be feeling, his first shot at Fenway park ( a dream he never expected to come true) and he hits a grand slam! Kudo’s Daniel, hope you have more time on the green fields of Fenway. SLAMMIN': Red Sox rookie Daniel...

Mom and dad arrived just in time to see their son become the newest Fenway folk hero. How proud they must be.

How about those Celtics?? I have no right staying up that late to watch a game, but boy am I glad I did.  Back to L.A. and hopefully we can clean it up with just one game.

And speaking about the Celtics how about the Patriots star Quater Back huging Colby after we lost to the lakers at the Fleet Center?  It’s bad enough he wears a Yankee hat, but hugging the enemy on our turf. Despicable!  Did he forget who supports him?  Maybe Boston needs a new quarter back?