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Changing their tune

I would love to be in a bar with David Ortiz and have Dan Shaughnessy and Tony Massarotti walk up to him and try to shake his hand and have David hit them both square in the middle of the face.

One day he is over the hill, on his way out, and the next he is the hero of the Red Sox.

Any real fan knew he would be back in great form, and he is!

Massarotti and Shaughnessy had a debate over weather or not Papi was done. and the sox should let him go.  Who do they think they are? I think he has proven he still has it, not that he had to prove anything to me.  This is the reason I have stopped reading the Globe.

The Globe sports reporters seem to gloat in big names having a tough time.WELCOME SIGHT: David Ortiz gets...Great job Papi, and beautiful picture borrowed without permission from the boston herald.

Very busy Memorial day weekend, we are very active with the Girl Scouts in our town and spend Memorial day weekend putting flags on Soldiers graves at the local cementary and marching in the Parade.  We are trying to teach the girls what it means to love and defend your country.

Did get to peek at Lester for a while, not his greatest game, but we pulled it off.

Long weekends are never long enough.

Back to the grind today and Sox home tonight with Oakland.


Have I ever told you how much I dislike Dan Shaughnessy

Garciaparra blows a kiss to the crowd as he takes the field to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at City of Palms Park.Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, right, explained why he brought Garciaparra back to retire in a Red Sox uniform. 'I grew up a Red Sox fan and even through I was already in baseball when he became a player, I knew what he meant to Boston and to the fans. When his agent contacted us about doing this, I thought it was great. He should go out as a Red Sox because he was such a great player,' Epstein said.(photos from boston.com)

Nomar is retiring as a Red Sox! As a mega fan of the Sox and Nomar, I couldn’t be happier.

Now if you check the Globe and read Dan Shaughnessy, I will not put a link to his column, you will see a nasty spitefull Boston Sportwriter.

The people in Boston love Nomar and remember what he did for the 2004 Red Sox!

I have almost stopped reading the Globe because of people like Shaughnessy, can’t he let the people enjoy this day? Was he not at the Game when Nomar played in Boston last season?

Nomar Garciaparra always loved the Boston fans, and the Boston fans always loved him.For seven years, there sure was a lot to like.(bob ryan, Boston Globe)

Ryan just proved all Globe writers aren’t bad people.

The People in Red Sox Nation are happy, Nomar is happy and the Front office is happy! Now we just have to retire his number.

Boy some days like yesterday I really wish I was at Spring Training.


Jason is being receptive to role as backup Catcher

Jason Varitek bare-hands a ball in a drill yesterday; the veteran will eagerly grab any assignment he gets this year.

The team is lucky to have him.  Even if he is second string.  Varitek will be a great teacher for Martinez, his knowledge about the pitchers will be more than helpfull to Victor.  Is Jason still going to be wearing the C? is he still Captain of the Team? According to Nick Cafardo of the Globe he will be Wearing the “C”.  I’m glad to hear that.  As long as he is playing for the Red Sox he should, he earned it.

 This old knuckleballer is ideal as the sixth starter. He’s still effective and valuable. He is feeling really healthy and not about to lay down and pass the spot over to someone else. <img title=""Though" he's expressed a desire for a bigger role — he's 17 wins shy of tying the franchise record for victories — the 43-year-old knuckleballer is ideal as the sixth starter. He's still effective and valuable, but his last three seasons have been altered by injuries. ” src=”http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2010/02/03/25_wake_davis__1265220074_2397.jpg&#8221; width=500 border=0>

What does it say about me that I am blogging about the older players on the team? Well I think it means i’m feeling my age today.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get over it.


I am missing Baseball

THIS WON’T END WELL is the heading on an article in the Boston Globe, written by Christopher Gasper.  Well I disagree.

Tek signed for two more years, only this time as back up catcher.  Well that’s okay.  He is a great team leader. We have won 2 World Series Trophey’s with him catching.  I think he is one of the best calling catchers in the league.  He will still be available to help Victor with the older pitchers and to help out with the bull pen.

I’m hoping after the two years the Sox offer him a Coaching job.  He would be an asset to the Coaching Staff.It's unknown whether Jason Varitek's future is in a Red Sox uniform. It has been reported that the team wants to bring him back on a two-year deal, but agent Scott Boras is pushing for max years and max money. The Red Sox are rumored to be in the hunt for younger catchers. No matter what happens, it's undeniable that the Red Sox have enjoyed a renaissance in the time Varitek has been their catcher.

Jason Bay has won the Silver Slugger Award. Now we just need to sign him. What’s the delay?  The local news just announced that the Sox offered Jay Bay a 4 year contract, now we just have to pray he takes it!