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Truck Day is Here!!


Not a big deal you say, Well then you don’t live in Boston! Truck Day is the Start of The Baseball Season, it also means Spring is just around the corner!

It’s not like we don’t like winter in New England, but Mother Nature has been cruel to us this year and I think everyone is looking forward to Spring.

The Pitchers and Catchers have already started arriving in Fort Myers.

As I look out at that cloudy sky, through the snow flakes, I know there is hope! ” It’s Truck Day”!



Season is winding down

Until late last night, it was a great weekend for Baseball.  The Sox vs the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and we took the first two games easily.  Then last night that all changed.  When I went to sleep we were winning.   When I woke this morining and found out the score I felt sick.  But after thinking about it, it’s okay, it really was a stretch to think they could pull off the Wild Card this late in the Season.  And two wins against the Yankees in their Stadium, well that was just unbelievable! And beautiful to watch.

The Red Sox [team stats] have nothing to be ashamed of.

It was a tough year with injuries, and the rookies put in a lot of time.  Some came through with flying colors.

We all wish it would have turned out differently, but they certainly make it interesting.

Mike Lowell is retiring after this Season, and I thought Friday night he was on his way to the hospital.  Getting hit in the face is no way to end your career.

Mike getting up after getting hit.

IN THE SWING: Mike Lowell cracks a...

Mike’s last at bat at Yankee Stadium.

7 more games, where did this Season go?


It’s what the game is all about

Let’s just forget about yesterdays game, (except for the part where Wake pitch in 3000 innings)  and go back for a day to Saturdays game when the Sox brought up a rookie to play out field. 

Unlikely he would do much, It was an irony that he even played in the minors, never mind the majors, and now Daniel Nava’s name is in the history books! How great can he be feeling, his first shot at Fenway park ( a dream he never expected to come true) and he hits a grand slam! Kudo’s Daniel, hope you have more time on the green fields of Fenway. SLAMMIN': Red Sox rookie Daniel...

Mom and dad arrived just in time to see their son become the newest Fenway folk hero. How proud they must be.

How about those Celtics?? I have no right staying up that late to watch a game, but boy am I glad I did.  Back to L.A. and hopefully we can clean it up with just one game.

And speaking about the Celtics how about the Patriots star Quater Back huging Colby after we lost to the lakers at the Fleet Center?  It’s bad enough he wears a Yankee hat, but hugging the enemy on our turf. Despicable!  Did he forget who supports him?  Maybe Boston needs a new quarter back?


When I get bored

I borrowed some pitctures of Mike to show his energy and enthusiasm!As the Red Sox finalize the potential deal that will send Mike Lowell to Texas along with an additional $8 million to $9 million, we look back at Lowell's career and the four seasons the beloved third baseman played in Boston.Lowell continued to get better and better with each season in Florida. From 2002 through 2004 Lowell was selected to the All-Star game each year. He won a Gold Glove in 2005 and a World Series ring in 2003. In November of 2005 he was part of a deal that brought himself and Marlins teammates Josh Beckett and Guilermo Mota to Boston for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado and Harvey Garcia.He was sort of an afterthought in the Beckett deal, but in his first season in Boston Lowell proved to be a reliable asset at the plate and even more so in the field. He finished the season with 20 HRs and 80 RBIs while leading the league in fielding percentage.Sox fans quickly learned that Lowell wasn't afraid to sacrifice his body if he could make an out.His personal success helped the Red Sox hold onto their American League East lead and eventually the team's seventh and Mike Lowell's second World Series title. Lowell was named World Series MVP after hitting .400 with one HR and four RBIs in the sweep over the Rockies.<img title="" tag — ?); document.writeln(? browser to SCRIPT write current_time="date.getTime();" var Date(); date="new" variables define

Why would you want to get rid of a guy that played so hard and with such heart?

29 Days until truck day!!  But who’s counting?


New Guy on the mound

He won’t admit it, but he’s a really caring person.That’s what makes him a great teammate.(Mike Scioscia) .That is what Mike Scioscia had to say about John Lackey.  I hope that’s something the Red Sox look at when trading for a player.  If not, well then we got lucky.  I wish John a great season. And can’t wait for his first trip to the mound in a Red Sox uinform!

I’m so disapointed in Dice K, he wanted to save face in Japan, but what about his Team.  That should have be his priority

La Russa said he harbors no second thoughts about hiring McGwire as Cardinals hitting coach or standing behind his character. Let’s see, his character, he is a liar, and a cheat.

That does not say much for his Character.  I really believe he should give the title back to Roger Maris.  He didn’t win it, he cheated. I also believe he is lying about who knew.  Over 12 years and no one, not his wife, family, manager, agent or any coaches, I find that really hard to believe..




It’s all about Greed!

Looks like Jay Bay may be leaving us. Possibly to the Mets.  When it comes down to 60 million dollars in 4 years not being enought money, then it’s just greed.   And the last thing he refused was 65 million for 4 years. Just how much money do these guys need? 

I have always been a big fan of Bay’s, but I just don’t like the way this is turning.SO LONG, FAREWELL? Left fielder Jason...

And Mike, well it looks like a sure thing that he will be going to the Rangers. 

Mike was a All Star and MVP in 2007 ( the last year the Sox won the World Series)

A few set backs last year with his hip and thumb, but he really deserved at least one more year and a chance to come back.

The trade of third baseman Mike...

I think i’ll stay away from the Sport page for a few days.  It is just really very depressing.


Big Papi’s Golf Tournament

Definetly the best looking couple there!

Mike looks like he is in great shape.Bertha and Mike Lowell

Tim Wakefield and David Ortiz always on my favorite list.David Ortiz and Tim Wakefield

And of course the Best Hockey player to ever play for the Boston Bruins, Bobby Orr!David Ortiz and Bobby Orr

Petey, I wish he had pitched a couple of more years with the Sox.Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz

Looks like it was a fun time, and David attracts a lot of different people! (photo’s taken from Boston.com, without permission)