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Beat him, don’t break him

I have been a fan of Dan Harens for a long time, I wished for him to be traded to Boston, but as we all know that didn’t happen.

Okay so he is with the Angels.  We kicked a** last night. But Youk hit a ball right back at Haren and they had to take him out of the game.  I didn’t want him to beat us, but don’t beat him up his first game with the Angels!

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher...

Buchholz allowed one run on five hits, walked one and struck out seven in seven often-dominant innings. At one point, he retired 11 straight Angels batters, six by strikeout.

Welcome back Clay!

Two more west coast games and then back home for a couple of weeks.  At least we’re staying on the east coast for a while. I hate baseball on the west coast.



What the Media can do to bring you down

It was suggested that it was a shame that Ortiz might shut himself off. Why shouldn’t he, they have treated him so badly since the season started. It has to hurt. To go from a Hero to hearing boo’s from the fans when he comes up to bat.  Sure he has picked up his average and appears to have found his swing, but where was the support when he needed it.

I hate that they broke him, I watched the end of the game last night, Lester pitched a complete game and we won 6 to 2. The team should have gone wild.  I barely saw a smile. Of course Lester dosen’t smile, one of reasons for his nickname (crabcakes). But where were the other guys jumping and yelling and Smiling? And the night before Clay stayed in for 9 innings and we won the game.  Everyone is doing everything right, but no one looks happy about it!Updates from Fenway

I am fighting to have a favorite player this season.  I think I am looking for someone with some spark. Sort of a Kevin Millar or Pedro Martinez. Someone that laughs, talks, fools around pumps everyone up.  Papi was always smiling, and it was contagious.

David Ortiz... How about a little more support for Papi and maybe we can get the Smile back!


Mike and Papi

Gerry Callahan of the Boston Herald is pitting these two up against  each other.  That’s not his job.  He makes David the bad guy, fighting and winning his spot as D H. It has been his job for years and he has finally found his groove.

 Don’t get me wrong I love Mike best,  he has been my favorite player since he came to the Red Sox( I love Papi too). But don’t put them up against each other.  That’s the front office and Tito’s job.  I don’t like it, and I want both of them to last with the sox forever, but nothing lasts forever.

SWITCH HITTERS: While the Red Sox...

Great game for Buchholtz last night! And now with Beckett on the DL maybe Wake will get a couple of starts.

The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day in Boston. Home Game tonight!


I see the Red (Sox) Moon Arising!

Mike Lowell drove in the go-ahead run with a bases loaded walk and the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 2-1 on Tuesday night.  How sweet is that. Yes I know Clay Buchholz went 8 innings and won the game, but I love the fact that Mike is in there and that he is helping the team win!

 OVER THE TOP: Red Sox pitcher Clay...

 I’m sad that the DH has come down to Mike and Big Papi, that’s not a choice I want to make, but we’re all pretty sure this is Mike’s last year in Major League Baseball and we want him to leave on a high note!


JAY WALKING: Mike Lowell draws a...

This was also the 5th straight victory in Toronto.  Maybe we should play in Canada more often?  We really needed these wins, and maybe it’s the start of something.


Jason Varitek. Can’t pass up a good picture of Tek. Who I might add is looking a lot better this season than expected.


No More Negative

What a game, Big Papi looked great. Bay, JD, Youk, no one was giving up! Okay it was an up and down game especially with Beckett, but we pulled it off!  And that was with no Tek and no Dustin (Congrats on that new Baby boy to you and Kelli)

  Sox win wild one at Toronto

And of course Mike Lowell, looking pretty good for an old wounded ballplayer!'I want to know how the teams...

Tonight it’s Clay against Haladay

Clay Buchholz

(photos from boston.com)

HEAD HUNTING: Mets' David...

I deliberaterly left this story of David Wright alone until I knew he was okay. David happens to be my favorite Met, and when I heard he had been hit in the head it made me sick to my stomach.From all that I have read it appears he is going to be fine. PV’s David