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What’s up Josh?

WOE, CANADA! Red Sox right-hander...

“The numbers tell everything,” Beckett said  “They’re not good.”

Well that is something we all know.  But he is not alone, what the hell is wrong with all the pitchers, except Wakefield, who has been banished to the bullpen?  It’s not right, Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Buckholtz all looking pretty sad. But Wakefield goes to the bullpen because Dice K is finally coming back.  So Wrong.

LEAKY 'PEN: Sox starter Tim...

Wake as always, the gentlemen, pitched Sunday. The Sox lost, but not Wakefield.  He was winning with 2 outs in the 7th and Terry decides to take him out, Why? he wasn’t tired, he was doing fine.  So the outcome, we lost the game.

I can’t say I am looking forward to Dice K, like most I am tired of him, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt for one game, then, well, we shall see.

Just for the record we did win last night, but to quote the boston herald, someone had too.



Finally, Red Sox news, Pitchers and catchers show up for duty

Snow is on the ground and it is cold out, but turn to the Sport news, Baseball is in the air! The pitchers and catchers reported and are working out.  It’s a beautiful sight!

Speaking of Beautiful sights, some of the guys showed up looking pretty good, as seen below

with some photos I borrowed from boston.comTim Wakefield was one of several pitchers to arrive early at the Red Sox player development complex in Fort Myers.Tim Wakefield

And this is the old guy on the team.

No doubt about it. Buchholz is bulkier this spring after packing some pounds onto his formerly wiry frame.Clay Buckkolz

Looking buff!

Then there’s Josh Beckett, it seems every year someone gets a really bad picture of him

Beckett played catch with Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell early on Tuesday morning.Josh Beckett

Maybe he should have tucked in his shirt like Jon Lester

Red Sox lefthander Jon Lester was among the early arrivals and tossed the ball around with Clay Buchholz, Jonathan Papelbon, and Daniel Bard on Tuesday morning.Jon Lester

It’s so good to see all the guys looking so good.

31 days until Spring!