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Beat him, don’t break him

I have been a fan of Dan Harens for a long time, I wished for him to be traded to Boston, but as we all know that didn’t happen.

Okay so he is with the Angels.  We kicked a** last night. But Youk hit a ball right back at Haren and they had to take him out of the game.  I didn’t want him to beat us, but don’t beat him up his first game with the Angels!

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher...

Buchholz allowed one run on five hits, walked one and struck out seven in seven often-dominant innings. At one point, he retired 11 straight Angels batters, six by strikeout.

Welcome back Clay!

Two more west coast games and then back home for a couple of weeks.  At least we’re staying on the east coast for a while. I hate baseball on the west coast.



Mixing up the days

What a terrible week, I thought yesterday was Friday, (today) when I realized it wasn’t I was too busy to rewrite the blog, so yesterdays pretty much is for today.

The one shinning light, Lackey and team pulled it off. It was a good night even though it was against Danny Haren. Danny is one of my favorite non Red Sox pitchers.  But when playing against the Sox it always comes down to my routing for the Sox.

Tonight it’s the Dodgers, We have a rookie pitching and Manny is playing outfield. All I can say is Thank God it’s Friday!

Feel bad about the Celtics, but they played a good year and it all came down to game 7 and 4 points.  Congratulations Guys, you still did us proud!