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Maybe a trip to West Coast is what Dice K needed

Good game last night, Dice K pitching like the old Dice K!

Daisuke Matsuzaka works against the...

thanks to Matsuzaka, the Red Sox remained only 3 1/2 games behind.

Funny thing with all the injuries my 9 year old Granddaughter knows more RedSox players and positions than I do.

PATIENT APPROACH: Mike Lowell chats...A reporter for the Sunday Herald Ray Borges  did a full page on Mike Lowell and him sitting around the dugout just waiting to be traded.  I know it’s probably true, but I hated the way the story read.  Kind of like kicking the dog when he’s down.  I love Mike, but enough, I wish they would decide what they are going to do and do it.

This is probably the first year since I started watching baseball that I don’t have a favorite player.  Of course there’s always Wakefield, but he’s getting old, and I think Tito expects too much from him.




Great come back for V Mart, 5 for 5 and 4 of those hits were doubles! Really helped a slow starting Lackey. 

I like John Lackey, I just think he hasn’t found his groove yet.  It’s coming.

ROUGH GOING: Starter John Lackey...

Oakland again tonight. Dice K on the mound.It should be a long one.  I think all Dice K games should be in the afternoon. 


Papi is looking pretty good

For all you non believers, Papi is doing what he should be doing, hitting those home runs and making it look so easy!  Sure he trots slowly around the bases, why not, is there a rule that says you have to run quickly around? I don’t think so.  People just need something negative to say, first he was old, and in a slump, never to get out of this season, now that he is out of his slump, he runs too slowly.  Looks like he just can’t please everyone.  Papi has never been speed racer! we all know that. As long as he is getting the hits, why don’t they back off and leave him alone?

File:Jeremy Kapstein.jpgJeremy Kapstein, always sitting right behind the catcher at Fenway Park.  But who is he? Senior Advisor/Baseball Projects for the Boston Red Sox. and now trying to get into political life.  He is running for LT. Governer in the State of Rhode Island.  If elected he has promised to give all his time to his political carreer. Good Luck Jeremy.

Sox are back home tonight. Looks like Dice K pitching. Let’s keep the streak going!


Some people just know how to age gracefully!

In contrast, Tim Wakefield shut out the Phillies for eight innings Sunday.

Pretty damn good game for an old man! And against Philly.

And Dice K just trying to get some of us, me included, to eat our words.  Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were the kind of games we have grown (over the past few years) to expect from our team.  They looked great. I must admit I didn’t watch too much of either game, weekend schdule kept me pretty busy all weekend, but I kept my ears open and sneaked a peek when possible.

Papi didn’t look to bad on 1st base Saturday, but I’m sure he is relieved it dosen’t happen too often.

I’d like to thank the Mets for a real good game last night. That would be the one where they beat C.C. and got the win against the Yankees.  Also kudo’s to Arod for striking out with the bases loaded.  Now New York knows how Papi felt friday night. Strange how that kind of thing can happen to the best.

Now down to Tampa. Lets hope the good Mojo just keeps on happening!


The way I see it

I know where we stand right now, but I don’t think for one second all is lost.  Our pitchers need a little shaking up.  Paplebon is surely still banging his head against a wall this morning.  But you must keep in mind who started the game, and gave up 6 runs , after the first inning the guys already had to work there butts off to win this game.

And you know what they did it.  The guys worked really hard, V Mart, Youk, Papi and JD all made it look like that’s the job they were hired to do.

Boston right fielder J.D. Drew cranked a three-run home run in the fifth inning that cut the Yankees' lead to 6-5. Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli could only watch the blast down the right-field line.

So back to the Evil Empire tonight and hopefull the end result will be a much happier one!

kudo’s to the top 50 MLB blogers.  I once again didn’t make it, but that’s okay.  This is my blog and I do it to vent my frustrations and sometimes happiness.  I am have had this blog for 5 years and have over 75,000 hits. That’s fine with me!



At 38 years old I think Jason has found where he belongs.  Back up catcher for the Boston Red Sox.  Last night Jason caught Dice K. and Jason hit a single and a homerun!

Jason is looking and playing better than ever this season.POWER TRIP: Jason Varitek celebrates...VICTORY MARCH: Sox catcher Jason...

What’s up with Josh Beckett? I hope something fixable shows up in all the test and he gets back on the winning road.

I love Josh, and hate seeing him in this slump. 

DOWN AND OUT: Red Sox starter Josh...

Tim Wakefield takes the mound this afternoon.

I haven’t been to Fenway Park in a few years, If I did get to a game this year I would hope Wakefield was on the mound.

 The weather gods are going to be with us today.It may be a little cool, but it is not going to rain.  Let’s keep the wins coming.


The Old and the New

Lowell  homered, walked, driven an RBI single off the Wall, and flied to right. Mike is the Man right now! I’m torn, I love David Ortiz, but until he gets it together what better person to have playing DH than Mikie?

Speaking of getting it together, how about the pitching staff?  What is up with that? Beckett, Lester, Lakey, probably 3 of the best. and Dice K, well I don’t even want to blog about him. What the H3ll is wrong with them?

We will not continue to win on hitting alone.  There are too many really good pitchers out there.


Pretty exciting game, they look like the old Sox.  Pitching, not so great, but bringing the kids up from Pawtuckett is really helping.  And that’s good. It seems every year we bring up a few and someone turns into a Superstar!  This year it looks like Darnell McDonald !

PV’s Papi