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Sox and Celtics vs L.A.

I really miss Manny when I see pictures like this one.  But deep inside I have to hope he forgot how to play the green wall!

I won’t boo him tonight, but I won’t cheer him either.  He hurt us, and for no really good reason.

It will be interesting to watch how the fans react to him.


“John Farrell loves him. Absolutely loves him.” That’s what Tito had to say about Felix Doubront, the triple A pitcher that will start the game tonight for the Sox. 

I just hope the rest of the team is going to play some Kick *** Baseball tonight.  Sorry Manny, but you left us.

Last Game in the Celtic/L.A. fight for the Championship> Go Celtics, bring home the title!

I just heard on the radio it would be Lackey tonight? not sure who’s pitching



There are no Fans like Red Sox Fans!

Lee made the Yankees look foolish, striking out 10, including Rodriguez three times and Mark Teixeira twice. Stunned fans fled Yankee Stadium by the hundreds in the eighth inning. The Yankees did not score until the ninth, and that was on a throwing error.(borrowed without permission from Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe)

That paragraph says an awful lot, especially about the Yankee Fans.  Red Sox Fans are never stunned when we are losing, we know there is always the next inning. And to leave the park before the game is over, never, especially a world series game.

I know people that have sat hours through rain storms, and 40 degrees.  Thats a true fan. Not someone stunned because your star pitcher has a bad night.

Tonight it’s Pedro Martinez against A.J. Burnett. I just hope Pedro is all fired up, being back at Yankee Stadium.  It would be so perfect for him to get a win tonight! But if the tables turn and the Yankees pull this one off, you can be sure the fans will stick around to “Boo” the Philly’s.