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As time goes by

I remember the first time I ever went to Fenway to watch the Sox play.  Sure I had heard them on the radio and watched a few games on TV, but sitting on the first base line, right over the dugout. Unbelieveable! It was love at first sight.

My problem is I can’t let go.  When I like a player, or coach, or even manager I can’t bear to see them leave.  Either with injury or a trade or retirement.

Well it’s happening again, Mike Lowell is retiring.  I understand his hip just won’t come back. I know when he is out on the field he gives it all, but he feels this is the end.  Time to throw in the towel. 

I really missed him on third base this season, and hate the thought of him off the sox permanently

But time goes on and things change, and I’m sure someday the Sox will have another third baseman that wins the Golden Glove.  I just hope we don’t have to wait to long.

Adios` Mike, you made it look so easy!

So Handsome!

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It’s what the game is all about

Let’s just forget about yesterdays game, (except for the part where Wake pitch in 3000 innings)  and go back for a day to Saturdays game when the Sox brought up a rookie to play out field. 

Unlikely he would do much, It was an irony that he even played in the minors, never mind the majors, and now Daniel Nava’s name is in the history books! How great can he be feeling, his first shot at Fenway park ( a dream he never expected to come true) and he hits a grand slam! Kudo’s Daniel, hope you have more time on the green fields of Fenway. SLAMMIN': Red Sox rookie Daniel...

Mom and dad arrived just in time to see their son become the newest Fenway folk hero. How proud they must be.

How about those Celtics?? I have no right staying up that late to watch a game, but boy am I glad I did.  Back to L.A. and hopefully we can clean it up with just one game.

And speaking about the Celtics how about the Patriots star Quater Back huging Colby after we lost to the lakers at the Fleet Center?  It’s bad enough he wears a Yankee hat, but hugging the enemy on our turf. Despicable!  Did he forget who supports him?  Maybe Boston needs a new quarter back?


The Yankees are coming, the yankees are coming

Matsuzaka was so shaky at the start, he was getting mock cheers for throwing a strike after walking the first two batters and he was getting booed after the runs started pouring in.  I am not a big fan of Dice K’s, but you never boo the home team or a player on the home team.

He got it together after the first inning, and did it help making him feel bad in his home park? A lot of the guys are struggling, I don’t know why, I don’t like it any more than the next person, but I am not booing my team.


I really believe Terry has to pick a line up and stick to it. 

V.Mart finally came around last night.  We’re on a Roll, let’s hope we keep it up this weekend with the Yankees coming to town.


Happy Birthday to my Husband Jim!


Love that knuckleball

Tim Wakefield.

Tim Wakefield starts 16th Season, unbelieveable. and a knuckleball pitcher at that!  Always one of my favorite Red Sox, and I couldn’t be happier he is still in the starting lineup. I would rather see him pitching in Fenway, but that’s okay, I think he’ll do just fine.

VMart is catching him tonight.  I hope he has enough time with Tim. I was kind of hoping Tek would be catching tonight, but Tito said it would be Victor.

4 games into the season and the local press is all over the Sox. Enough! They won opening night game against the Yankees. The next two were good games, they didn’t just hand the win over to them. Lighten up, it’s a long season.

PV’s to Papi, tonight is going to be his night too.


There have only been 3 games

Papi on Opening Day.  Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill.net and used with permission(photo borrowed without permission from Kelly O Connor)

He says he has nothing to prove. He’s wrong. He says he’s going to be here next year. Wrong again. We love the Big Fella, but it looks very much like it’s over.(CHB from boston.com)  It’s reporters like CHB/Dan Shaughnessy that give sports writers a bad name. Last year about half way through the season I stopped reading the Boston Globe, and Boston.com.  Shaughnessy was a real big part of that.

No one wants to see Mike Lowell playing ball as badly as I do, but not this way. Give Papi his time, he will come around!


3 games into the season and the Globe sport writers have Big Papi in trouble, but he’s not alone Marco Scutaro’s error in game two got the evil pens flowing.  Naming every short stop the Sox have had for the past 20 years and assuring the readers that none of them would have made that error.  Please, give me a break. Your talking game 2 in a new ball park, Red Sox vs Yankees, does it get any better. I’m sure he was pretty nervous, facing the fans, at least until you get use to them is nerve wracking enough. No one needs all the negative press this early in the season.

And replacing Papelbon with Bard, Listen guys, they have only played 3 games. Why all this negative press?

Lay off!


Where is Spring?

Sunday is the first game of the season. Right now they are forcasting 70 degrees in the afternoon.  They probably should have had an afternoon game.  With the weather as crazy as it has been it will be freezing after sundown.  That’s if it doesn’t decide to start raining again.

I’ve had it with the rain! It finally hit my celler. My back yard looks like a dump, rugs, boxes clothes. Tomorrow it goes to the dump. In the meantime the rain continues. Can’t imagine Fenway being dry by opening night.

WOUNDED KNEE: Hard-luck Red Sox...Why does God keep smiting Mike Lowell? He’s not a bad person. He really needs just a little break health wise. PV’s Mike!

John Lackey

I am really looking forward to seeing John Lackey in a Red Sox uniform on the mound at Fenway Park.  He has had two really good outings so far at Spring Training. And I have yet to see him pitch

.John Lackey stood tall in his Sox debut Saturday, going two perfect innings.Photos from boston.com

Mike Lowell has not played in a game yet.  He took a few personal days.  Now he is back at camp working out. 

Jon Lester gave up three hits and four runs Friday in one inning vs. the Twins. He also walked two and struck out one.

Lester is not having a great Spring Training.  Hopefully he will straighten all that out before opening day.

Jason Varitek’s Dad is not well and Jason took a few days to be with him. He is back in Fort Myers and will probably get to play in a game early next week. PV’s Jason

26 Days till opening day!