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Tito, you have to pick a line-up and try sticking to  it

Boston Red Sox's Mike Lowell hits a two-run double during the third inning of a MLB baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels at Fenway Park in Boston Monday, May 3, 2010.

Mike Lowell went 4 for 4 with four RBIs and three doubles

Did you watch the game last night?  Mike Lowell, Kevin Youklis, JD Drew. It’s time to set the line up in stone. Tek should also be in the starting line-up. 

If you havent’ seen a game all season I hope you watched last nights game. Mike proved he was not to old or hurt to play Baseball!

PV’s to Dave Roberts. Dave was has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which was detected in Roberts early this spring. Roberts said yesterday both he and his doctors are optimistic that he will be able to recover fully.

This file photo shows the Boston Red...


Here’s a guy you have to like

J.D. Drew

I don’t think it matters where you bat. That’s the God’s honest truth. When you’re swinging the bat well, it doesn’t matter where you hit in the lineup.”(J.D. Drew)

More players should be like J.D. He just wants to play.  I love to watch him, not much emotion, but he plays his position well, and even batting 8th he gets the hits when you need them.


'There's a certain...(photos from boston herald)

Mike Lowell is still on 1st. Starting to feel a little comfortable there. Looks like the hip will never be normal. A few teams have been watching him, they think he’s a little to stiff, not using that hip. That pretty much takes him out of being traded, at least for the time being.Not that it upsets me to hear that.  I know he want’s to play every day, but I’m not so sure his hip could handle that.

10 days till Opening Night, again I say, MLB had no right stepping in and making The Sox and Yankees Opening Day game Easter Sunday at night!  April 4th is going to be pretty cold after sundown.  Sure our guys, and the Yankees for that matter are use to bad weather, but do we have to start the season that way? S*cks!


Wild Card looks pretty good!

I dozed off for a while last night, then woke up to the fans yelling, we were rallying in the 8th, it looked pretty good for us, and we did come pretty damn close.  But what did happen was great, we clinched the AL Wild Card.Tim Wakefield was all smiles while talking to the media outside of the clubhouse.In what could be his last year Tim Wakefield is very happy the team made the Wild Card!J.D. Drew was welcomed at the plate by David Ortiz after his three-run home run cut the Toronto lead to 8-7 in the eighth inning.8th inning rally J.D. gets a hug from Big Papi after hitting a 3 run home run!Red Sox slugger Jason Bay also made an appearance after the celebration in the clubhouse.Jason Bay looking very happy to be going to the playoffs!

I hate the end of the season, summer gone, much too fast. But I love the excitement of the playoffs.

Just 5 more games to the regular season. Let’s just hope everyone has time to get healthy in the next week.

(photo’s from Boston.com)


J.D. ‘s the Man, again!!

Two home runs. That’s for you non believers!  We’re going into this series ready. The yankees took their homestand from us, now it’s our turn and J.D., Victor Martinez and even Jon Lester showed everyone we are not going to lay down.

This should be a great weekend for Red Sox Baseball!!  Jerry Remy is back in the booth and the Yankees are in town!

J.D. Drew

It’s Friday, the sun is shinning, it’s a beautiful day! Enjoy it.


After looking pretty bad the first inning, Crabcakes pulled it together and went eight more scoreless innings, great job Jon.

Even without his best stuff, Jon Lester won handily.


No More Negative

What a game, Big Papi looked great. Bay, JD, Youk, no one was giving up! Okay it was an up and down game especially with Beckett, but we pulled it off!  And that was with no Tek and no Dustin (Congrats on that new Baby boy to you and Kelli)

  Sox win wild one at Toronto

And of course Mike Lowell, looking pretty good for an old wounded ballplayer!'I want to know how the teams...

Tonight it’s Clay against Haladay

Clay Buchholz

(photos from boston.com)

HEAD HUNTING: Mets' David...

I deliberaterly left this story of David Wright alone until I knew he was okay. David happens to be my favorite Met, and when I heard he had been hit in the head it made me sick to my stomach.From all that I have read it appears he is going to be fine. PV’s David