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It is a sure sign of Spring!

The New England novelty that is Truck Day will be tomorrow. The team equipment truck is scheduled to leave Fenway Park for Fort Myers, Fla., at approximately noon from Van Ness Street and Gate D

Jon Lester, Jonathan Papelbon, and Manny Delcarmen, have already started working out in Fort Myers.  Pitchers and catchers officially report next Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the 18-wheeler sat outside Fenway Park early Friday morning.

Missing the big storm will make it a lot easier for people to stand on the corner and take pictures of the workmen loading up the truck with Red Sox gear!

I can’t wait for some real baseball news. With nothing going on all the local papers do is speculate on who will be with the team “Next” year? VMart’s contract will be up at the end of the season, will he be the next Jason Bay?  Come on, enough of this crap, can’t we just get the season going? The season will end much too quick.

Do they not know that VMart will be our starting catcher?? That should count for something. And besides Mike Lowell and Tim Wakefield, VMart is probably my favorite player. No more negative talk about him!




Happy New Year!

If Jason Bay wants to leave the Red Sox and Fenway Park, That’s okay, we have something even better, Jack Bauer on the Ice at Fenway! Does it get any better than that? '24' superagent Kiefer...Kiefer Sutherland at Fenway

I’m sorry to see Bay leave, but I think it will be alright.  I don’t know who is going to be in outfield, but Bay would have had a much better chance at the playoffs and the bonus money for playing in them.  And possibly the World Series.  We all know he won’t be seeing the Series with the Mets.  What was he thinking?


Mike Lowell seems to be healing just fine.  Can’t wait to see him in Spring Training!



Jason Bay not out

But do we want him? I don’t know, it looks like Theo has put his final offer out there and Bay refused it.  The scuttlebutt is that the Yankees are looking at him.  I hope not. I loved Jason, I don’t understand why he is being so greedy.  Maybe he’ll go with the Mets, that would be okay with me. I like the Mets.

ON THE MARKET: Jason Bay is still a...

Lowell is expected still to be ready in time for spring trainingDAMAGED GOODS: It won't be easy...

I think I will include a picture of Mike in ever entry until Spring Training!

My Christmas gift to me.




I really don’t know much about Boof Bonser, but are the Sox trying to build another “2004” team?  Boof didn’t play much last year and has had shoulder surgery. That much I did read, also he legally changed his name to “Boof” from John Paul.  Why?Boof Bonser was limited to one minor league appearance in 2009 after undergoing surgery on his pitching shoulder.

Word is Lackey is a lot like Josh Beckett! I hope so.  I do know pitching with the Sox instead of against them is a good thing for him.

In his eight seasons in the big leagues, John Lackey is 102-71 with a 3.81 ERA in 233 starts. In seven seasons, Josh Beckett is 106-68 with a 3.79 ERA in 235 starts. In 2002, as a 22-year-old rookie, Lackey was the winning pitcher in Game 7 of the World Series. In 2003, in his first full season at age 23, Beckett pitched a shutout in the Series-clinching Game 6 at Yankee Stadium. And it's not just their numbers that are similar -- like Beckett, Lackey hails from Texas, and they both have been known to show their emotions on the mound.

I’m even happy they have Mike Cameron on the Team now, I’ve closed the door on Jason Bay, If you don’t want to play for us why the he77 would we want you. I’m looking forward to seeing Mike in the outfield.

Mike Cameron.

And as far as Mike Lowell goes, I have choosen not to discuss it. It’s Christmas and I am trying to stay Happy!


Looks like these will be the new guys in town

I like John Lackey, well at least I did when he had to pitch against us. He might just like Boston so he won’t have to pitch against us anymore.  He is also going to give John Lester a run for his money in the Cranky Pants department.  But who know’s, maybe when that Fenway crowd starts cheering for him, he might just crack a smile!In this Oct. 22, 2009 photo, Los...

Mike Cameron is a new face to me.  I like what I’m reading, of course I hate losing Jason Bay, but it appears he has made his choice.  Bay has turned me off with his greed.

Let’s welcome Cameron, maybe this is the new blood we need to win another Championship.Mike Cameron.

Word is Mike Lowell may not pass the Physical. It seems he is problems with his left thumb.

If we are going to pay Mike to play for Texas, why not pay him to sit on the bench at Fenway?


It’s all about Greed!

Looks like Jay Bay may be leaving us. Possibly to the Mets.  When it comes down to 60 million dollars in 4 years not being enought money, then it’s just greed.   And the last thing he refused was 65 million for 4 years. Just how much money do these guys need? 

I have always been a big fan of Bay’s, but I just don’t like the way this is turning.SO LONG, FAREWELL? Left fielder Jason...

And Mike, well it looks like a sure thing that he will be going to the Rangers. 

Mike was a All Star and MVP in 2007 ( the last year the Sox won the World Series)

A few set backs last year with his hip and thumb, but he really deserved at least one more year and a chance to come back.

The trade of third baseman Mike...

I think i’ll stay away from the Sport page for a few days.  It is just really very depressing.


I am so bored

The Herald reports that the Angels and Mariners are both interested in Jay Bay.  I think It’s time to sign him before it’s too late.

LEFT OUT? Sox left fielder Jason Bay...

I really hate reading the sports news this time of year unless someone has been signed it’s the same thing over and over every day.

Thought I would just add a couple of Pictures I lifted from the Boston Herald. 

Tim Wakefield

Haven’t heard anything on Mike.  Probably won’t until they get all the signing and trades over with. Hope he is getting that hip back into shape this winter.