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Didn’t think I would be so sad

I watch quite a bit of Baseball this weekend.  I didn’t expect much, boy was i surprised! First on Friday night they didn’t postpone the game until after 10:00. It was pouring, everyone knew the game was not going to be played, but they just wouldn’t pospone, so we waited.

Saturdays game was a little disapointing, but what the heck we knew we were out of the running, and it was Mike Lowell’s farewell game.  Just writing that makes me cry.  I can’t believe he won’t be with the team come Spring Training time.

Then came the make up game.  No starters except for J.D. as DH. What the hell were we trying to lose?  Surprise, we won it in the 10th!!

Yesterdays game made me cry again, possibly the last time Jason Varitek will step up to the plate as a Red Sox. He will always be the team Captain to me.

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek gets a hug from Victor Martinez after he was replaced in the ninth inning yesterday.

So what if the Yankees won the Wild Card, we knew we couldn’t.

But we won the game, the weekend, and we looked terrific!!

So go play your Playoff Games and we will sit back and wait for Spring.  But we have to Thank the Sox for a Great Ending to a crazy season.

My daughter went to a good bye time for Mike Lowell at Jerry Remys new restaurant, and won a Wally Doll, autographed by Jerry.  I have an original Wally, but this one is so much nicer, it has Jerry’s name on it’s butt, and I love Jerry. ( by the way the Wally doll is now mine,  because I lent her my Mike Lowell shirt)

I will probably do a blog saying Good Bye to Mike Lowell, but right now I just can’t.




Mike, always the Gentleman

Epstein said, “Oh, I fully expect him to be on this team.” (when asked about Mike Lowell’s status with the team) Well Theo, I for one am really happy to hear that.

Not that I don’t value baseball, but I’m pretty confident I’m going to be in the big leagues this year somewhere, and I still view that as a privilege.(Mike Lowell, such a classy guy)

I would love to see Mike playing with the team, but if that’s not possible, well then I hope someone is looking for a third baseman and Theo trades him.  Mike just wants to play ball.

In his interview he sounded so classy. Never uttering a bad word about Theo or the Red Sox.

If you really want some insight on Mike you need to read his book.  I think he comes across as a very humble, and grateful person.  Not something you see everyday in Baseball.

By the way, Happy 36th Birthday Mike!

 HOT DAWG: NESN broadcaster Jerry...

Jerry Remy spoke to reporters yesterday and talked about his depression since being dignosed with cancer.  Knowing too many people with Cancer I understand what he is going through.  But he has to fight it.  Possitive thinking is part of the cure. 

 PV’s Jerry.  This too shall pass.


So far Theo is doing the right thing

As one of the older members of Red Sox Nation, I could not be happier that they signed Wake to a 2 year deal.

Timmy is a strong force on the team and his age and knowledge can certainly be used. Also the fact that he is a knuckleballer helps too.  I love watching him pitch when he is on his game.

Now with surgery behind him, he should have 2 good years to go. Then coaching? Media (he really isn’t bad to look at), there are plenty of options for him.HAPPY DAZE: Tim Wakefield is pleased...

I also happy about the Sox signing Victor!  I think he is a great asset to the team.  Jason just didn’t have it this year, but as backup Catcher, he can use all that knowledge he has to help not just Victor but the team.

I know there are pitchers that don’t want anyone but Tek, but I think they will grow to respect Victor.

TEK JOB: Victor Martinez, above, gets...(photos from bostonherald.com)

So far so good, but I’m still waiting for them to sign Jay Bay.  Hopefully that will be soon


Theo can’t wait for next year!

He is not alone, I really didn’t enjoy this past Season, not just because the Sox didn’t make it into the World Series, but for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest being Jerry Remy.  I missed him in the booth.  Just wasn’t the same with Eck. I am really praying that Jerry is fine and gets to announce all the games next year.'It's still early in the...

I loved reading that Big Papi wants to play in Boston until his carreer is over. Also that Theo thinks he is looking just fine.

Now if Theo and the Guys can get it together and sign Jason Bay.

Yes I have avoided mentioning the Yankees winning the World Series.  The first time in 9 years. I guess I’m not a good sport, I really believe for all the money they pay their team they should be winning it every year. I’m really sorry Pedro didn’t pull last night’s game off, it would have been a great way to end his carreer.

Well now the Phillies can join the rest of us and just say ” there’s always next year”!


The Season goes by just to quickly!

It can’t possibly be over, well I guess it can, but where did the Season go? I guess it didn’t help I had a lot of personal stuff going on. And when I did tune into a game I wasn’t listening to Jerry Remy, I was listening to Eck, and let me tell you I walked away from quite a few games after a few innings. Please Jerry be well and come back next season in full force!

Seeing Big Papi smile always makes me smile and I like to start my morning off that way.

We are off to the west coast. Jon Lester is pitching the first game, I think all is well with us and the Red Sox right now.

Let the games begin!!


If your not going to win, at least have some fun

Great Picture

Mound of trouble for Sox(photo from boston.com)

Nick Green Pitching. Who would have guessed? Not me.

Catcher Jason Varitek had a little fun during Thursday's annual Red Sox team photograph.

Great photo of Tek, having some fun.

Before a May 6 game against the Cleveland Indians, Remy's play-by-play partner, Don Orsillo, announced Remy would take a leave of absence for an indefinite period to recover from cancer surgery . Remy missed six games to that point in the season and was forced to miss most of spring training when he developed an infection that led to pneumonia. 'I want to focus on completing my recovery so that I can return to work without distractions or disruptions,' Remy said in a statement. 'I hope that disclosing my bout with cancer will reinforce the dangers of smoking to every member of Red Sox Nation, especially children.'

So good to have Jerry back! It’s a pleasure to listen to the games now.

Okay, I am trying to avoid last nights game.  3 out of 4 is pretty damn good.

Tonight Blue Jays.


Head is in a fog

As Julia so generously pointed out to me, my numbers were off yesterday. My bad. I can’t imagine why with all that has been going on in my life.  But thankfully I have Julia around to let me know on my blog, not email, that I made a mistake.  I really will have to try to research a little better before writing anything.  Thanks for being there for me Julia, everyone needs someone like you around to point out their mistakes!

Now I think I got this right, Tito took out Wakefield, the game was tied when Scott Podsednik hit a home run off of Ramirez then came the ninth and Big Papi hit a homerun and we won the game!!

POWER BALL: David Ortiz swats his...

STICKY FINGERS: Tim Wakefield grips...

It was really good to see Wakefield back on the mound last night.

Jerry in the Booth, Wally in the Chair and Wake on the Mound. Baseball at it’s best!