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Somethings just don’t belong in baseball

Bernie Carbo has found God, and now he tells anyone that will listen “what a loser he was”.He delivered an 8:30 a.m. service before a day's worth of baseball.

Drugs, Booze, Pot, This guy did it all and then went out and tried to play ball.  He is know for the Home run in the 1975 world series that tied the game and got Fisk up to win the game.I don’t remember much about the 70’s, but I do remember that game. I also remember that my daughter loved Bernie.  Now I wish he was someone I forgot.

Terry Francona finally came up with the rotation, Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz, Looks like Dice K will be in a bull pen for a while.

I am really happy to see Spring Training come to an end, maybe the rain will end with it. Opening Night and a new Season start Sunday. Let’s hope they bring some good weather with them from Florida.



John Lackey

I am really looking forward to seeing John Lackey in a Red Sox uniform on the mound at Fenway Park.  He has had two really good outings so far at Spring Training. And I have yet to see him pitch

.John Lackey stood tall in his Sox debut Saturday, going two perfect innings.Photos from boston.com

Mike Lowell has not played in a game yet.  He took a few personal days.  Now he is back at camp working out. 

Jon Lester gave up three hits and four runs Friday in one inning vs. the Twins. He also walked two and struck out one.

Lester is not having a great Spring Training.  Hopefully he will straighten all that out before opening day.

Jason Varitek’s Dad is not well and Jason took a few days to be with him. He is back in Fort Myers and will probably get to play in a game early next week. PV’s Jason

26 Days till opening day!


Wakes the man!

Manager Terry Francona doesn't take the fine work of Tim Wakefield (above) for granted.(photo borrowed from Boston.com)

30 Pitches, 22 Strikeouts!! That was Wakefield yesterday.  He pitched so few that they had him pitch a while longer after he was taken out of the game.  Looks like he is going to have a great season!

Mike Lowell wasn’t around yesterday, his locker not touched.  Word was just personal reasons and he would be back today. I hope all is well with him and his family.

I would love to be in Fort Myers this year, as much as I dislike Florida ( and I do dislike everything about the State) I would love to be at some of these games.

The young kids that won’t start with the team are looking pretty good. And I’m sure before the season is up some of them will be called up.  I like seeing them early and getting an idea what they are like before coming up.

Today it’s Lester, let’s hope he has a better game this time up!


The Guys are looking good

A lot of smiling faces, and buff bodies at Spring Training yesterday.  Big Papi as always with a great smile!

David Ortiz was among the first position players to report to spring training on Monday. Several arrived last week to participate in informal workouts while pitchers and catchers were reporting, but Monday was the first day position players were required to report. Click here to see a gallery of early arrivals and pitchers and catchers reporting.

Tito making the new guy feel welcome!Red Sox manager Terry Francona welcomed new outfielder Mike Cameron to spring training on Monday. Cameron was acquired as a free agent. He spent last season with the Brewers.

Mikey always looks great!As the Red Sox finalize the potential deal that will send Mike Lowell to Texas along with an additional $8 million to $9 million, we look back at Lowell's career and the four seasons the beloved third baseman played in Boston.

Who snuck in the picture of Crabcakes? Lighten up JohnJon Lester blew a bubble during Monday's workouts.

And speaking of Crabby people, Manny Ranirez says this is his last year in L.A.  So does that mean he is going to lay down on the team like he did when he was through with the Red Sox? I hope L.A. is listening and dumps him before he gets the chance to dump them.

Once a bad apple always a bad apple.

More Spring Trianing

I just really liked this picture of Theo

NO WORRIES: Sox GM Theo Epstein is...

There is an awful lot of talk about our 6 starting pitchers.  Do we need 6? Who isn’t going to be in the rotation?  Well according to Theo, it’s not a problem.  He is quite pleased.

According to Theo, at this point, two spots on the 25-man roster could be a focus of competition come spring training. I personally am a big fan of Tim Wakefield.  I know, old guy on the team.  But that dosen’t mean he can’t pitch.  And after last year who knows about Dice K?

Theo also said Mike Lowell should be ready to play come March.  Again I can just pray he has a job at third base.

I have a friend who is going to Fort Myers for a month with her daughter and a few weeks with her husband.  I haven’t wanted to go to Spring Training in years, I am a little jealous this year.

It’s been a long winter.