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Nice Guys don’t always finish last

I know some Red Sox fans that really liked Justin Masterson.  I was not one of them.  I thought he was a nice enough guy, but we have better pitchers.  Well last night he pretty much said ” in your face, Red Sox”. It’s nights like this when you start to wonder about them getting rid of someone.  Sometimes it just comes back and bites you in the butt!

COMPLETELY MASTER-FUL: Indians righty...

“They were the greatest of players and best of friends,” Henry said. “We felt that it would be fitting to dedicate a statue to the memory of not just their time on the hallowed field of Fenway Park but also to the steadfast loyalty and devotion they had for one another as well as their lifelong love for the game of baseball.”~John Henry, Principal Owner, Boston Red Sox,speaking about Johnny Pesky, Dominic DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr, Ted Williams

What a wonderful thing to live long enought to see yourself immortalized! I am not quite old enough to say I saw them play, but I am old enought to say I listened to the games they played in.  Baseball should have more Ambassadors like these two Gentlemen!


TRUE IMMORTALS: Red Sox legends...



I very rarely write anything about a Yankee, especially one we tried to get to play for us and they went the way of the money, but I am getting a lot of pleasure out of Mark Teixeira’s dry spell.  The media is all over him, and he is not to happy with the negative press.  It’s nice they are picking on someone other than Big Papi right now.

Yankees' Mark Teixeira, right,...




Scott who?

Scott Schoeneweis allowed no runs and one strikeout in one inning. In the opening game against the NY Yankees most of the relief pitchers got a shot, but after reading a blog from http://www.toeingtherubber.com about him this weekend, I was kind of anxious to see him pitch.

I need a photo of him in a red sox uniform)

I want him to do well. I would really like all of Red Sox Nation to get behind him.  I think right now he needs the support.

Standing Ovation for Mike Lowell last night.  Made me cry,

FAN FAVORITE: Mike Lowell tips his... 

and Pedro throwing out the first pitch made me smile!FRIENDLY FENWAY: Former Sox ace Pedro...

In other opening night news, The Red Sox Won!! Okijima got the win. 9 to 7 definetly a hitters game.  That’s okay, we will take the win anyway we can. And I’m sure the weather helped. It was unseasonably warm for the first week in April. Hope it last all week.

Day off today, and I think everyone needs it. Tomorrow back to Fenway and the Yankees.