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Changing their tune

I would love to be in a bar with David Ortiz and have Dan Shaughnessy and Tony Massarotti walk up to him and try to shake his hand and have David hit them both square in the middle of the face.

One day he is over the hill, on his way out, and the next he is the hero of the Red Sox.

Any real fan knew he would be back in great form, and he is!

Massarotti and Shaughnessy had a debate over weather or not Papi was done. and the sox should let him go.  Who do they think they are? I think he has proven he still has it, not that he had to prove anything to me.  This is the reason I have stopped reading the Globe.

The Globe sports reporters seem to gloat in big names having a tough time.WELCOME SIGHT: David Ortiz gets...Great job Papi, and beautiful picture borrowed without permission from the boston herald.

Very busy Memorial day weekend, we are very active with the Girl Scouts in our town and spend Memorial day weekend putting flags on Soldiers graves at the local cementary and marching in the Parade.  We are trying to teach the girls what it means to love and defend your country.

Did get to peek at Lester for a while, not his greatest game, but we pulled it off.

Long weekends are never long enough.

Back to the grind today and Sox home tonight with Oakland.


What the Media can do to bring you down

It was suggested that it was a shame that Ortiz might shut himself off. Why shouldn’t he, they have treated him so badly since the season started. It has to hurt. To go from a Hero to hearing boo’s from the fans when he comes up to bat.  Sure he has picked up his average and appears to have found his swing, but where was the support when he needed it.

I hate that they broke him, I watched the end of the game last night, Lester pitched a complete game and we won 6 to 2. The team should have gone wild.  I barely saw a smile. Of course Lester dosen’t smile, one of reasons for his nickname (crabcakes). But where were the other guys jumping and yelling and Smiling? And the night before Clay stayed in for 9 innings and we won the game.  Everyone is doing everything right, but no one looks happy about it!Updates from Fenway

I am fighting to have a favorite player this season.  I think I am looking for someone with some spark. Sort of a Kevin Millar or Pedro Martinez. Someone that laughs, talks, fools around pumps everyone up.  Papi was always smiling, and it was contagious.

David Ortiz... How about a little more support for Papi and maybe we can get the Smile back!


Throw the broom away, no sweep this time

A double play to end the sixth inning has Jon Lester, who ended up going seven, pumped as he leaves the mound.

Jon Lester did what we knew he could, what we thought the entire pitching staff could do.

If he keeps this up I may have to start calling him something besides “Crab Cakes”. I want to see a smile on that face when he faces and defeats the Yankees!

Tim Wakefield PictureTim Wakefield got an inning on the mound and looked very good.

Kudos to Dallas Braden after throwing a perfect game against Tampa Bay Rays on Mothers Day, the perfect gift for his Grandmother, who happen to be at the game!Starting pitcher Dallas Braden,...

It took three days, but yesterday was a pretty good day for Baseball!  Now it’s on to Toronto and John Lackey.


We love those Angels

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey...

John Lackey starts tonight against his former teammates, let’s just hope he is as lucky as Beckett and Lester were the past two nights!

Big Papi still struggling, I’m sure the bad press is not helping at all.  That stuff gets into your head and you can’t seem to do anything right.  I’d like to see him on the DL for a few days and then maybe playing with Portland Seadogs for a few weeks just to get his confidence back.

Stupid is as Stupid does! Do I think they should have tasered this young man? No I think that was a bit excessive!  But really, shouldn’t he have know better?

A law enforcement officer chases down...

Ernie Harwell told the Tigers’ tales for more than 40 years.Beloved by generations of baseball fans who grew up enraptured by his rich voice and quirky phrases on the radio, Ernie passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was 92.   R.I.P. Ernie

Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell...Photos from bostonherald.com



Papi’s coming back

Well at least Big Papi had a decent weekend. 2 homeruns, one off a left hander.

What is with the pitching staff? Are you aware that Jon Lester, John Lacky, and Clay Buchholtz wives are all having babies this summer? and Jonathan Paplebon’s wife just had a baby.  Do you think there is a connection with this and the crappy way they all have been pitching?  You would think they could plan things a little better?  And Dice K and Beckett? What is there problem?

I think there should be less said about Big Papi, Mike Lowell, and Tim Wakefield and more said and done with the Pitchers!

  LOW DOWN: Daisuke Matsuzaka hangs his...SMALL RELIEF: Red Sox reliever Scott...

On the other hand i’m liking Scott Schoeneweis.  PV’s he has a really good year.



The Crab is finally smiling

Sweep in Canada!

Finally a good game for Lester, I was starting to wonder what was wrong with him?  We all know he can pitch, so why did it take so long to get in the groove? Well let’s hope this is the start of a 15 to 20 game winning season for him.PITCHING FORM: Red Sox starter Jon...

What is not to love about this guy?Darnell Mcdonald put his time in the minors, now it’s seems it’s his time to shine.  Boston Red Sox's Darnell McDonald is mobbed by teammates including Dustin Pedroia, right, after his game winning walk-off single won the game 7-6 in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Texas Rangers in a MLB baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Tuesday, April 20, 2010. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

PV’s to Bob Uecker, going in for heart surgery on Friday.


What’s up Josh?

WOE, CANADA! Red Sox right-hander...

“The numbers tell everything,” Beckett said  “They’re not good.”

Well that is something we all know.  But he is not alone, what the hell is wrong with all the pitchers, except Wakefield, who has been banished to the bullpen?  It’s not right, Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Buckholtz all looking pretty sad. But Wakefield goes to the bullpen because Dice K is finally coming back.  So Wrong.

LEAKY 'PEN: Sox starter Tim...

Wake as always, the gentlemen, pitched Sunday. The Sox lost, but not Wakefield.  He was winning with 2 outs in the 7th and Terry decides to take him out, Why? he wasn’t tired, he was doing fine.  So the outcome, we lost the game.

I can’t say I am looking forward to Dice K, like most I am tired of him, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt for one game, then, well, we shall see.

Just for the record we did win last night, but to quote the boston herald, someone had too.