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The way I see it

I know where we stand right now, but I don’t think for one second all is lost.  Our pitchers need a little shaking up.  Paplebon is surely still banging his head against a wall this morning.  But you must keep in mind who started the game, and gave up 6 runs , after the first inning the guys already had to work there butts off to win this game.

And you know what they did it.  The guys worked really hard, V Mart, Youk, Papi and JD all made it look like that’s the job they were hired to do.

Boston right fielder J.D. Drew cranked a three-run home run in the fifth inning that cut the Yankees' lead to 6-5. Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli could only watch the blast down the right-field line.

So back to the Evil Empire tonight and hopefull the end result will be a much happier one!

kudo’s to the top 50 MLB blogers.  I once again didn’t make it, but that’s okay.  This is my blog and I do it to vent my frustrations and sometimes happiness.  I am have had this blog for 5 years and have over 75,000 hits. That’s fine with me!



Tito, you have to pick a line-up and try sticking to  it

Boston Red Sox's Mike Lowell hits a two-run double during the third inning of a MLB baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels at Fenway Park in Boston Monday, May 3, 2010.

Mike Lowell went 4 for 4 with four RBIs and three doubles

Did you watch the game last night?  Mike Lowell, Kevin Youklis, JD Drew. It’s time to set the line up in stone. Tek should also be in the starting line-up. 

If you havent’ seen a game all season I hope you watched last nights game. Mike proved he was not to old or hurt to play Baseball!

PV’s to Dave Roberts. Dave was has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which was detected in Roberts early this spring. Roberts said yesterday both he and his doctors are optimistic that he will be able to recover fully.

This file photo shows the Boston Red...

This is where I’m comfortable

Kevin Youkilis is on the lookout during situational baserunning drills Monday.

First base or Third base, either way, Kevin is comfortable with the Red Sox, and we’re comfortable with him.  He is maturing nicely.  No longer that angry player he was when Manny was on the team.  He is a Senior player for the sox, and hopefully he can be a mentor for the younger players.

He spent the winter in Boston where he lives full time with his wife Enza and their son Michael.  We’re hoping he’s with us for a long time.

Big Papi, looking really good, hit a home run in yesterdays game against Northeast.  Okay it was Northeast, but the sox creamed them, 15 to 0.  I have a neice who was at that game, and she was freezing.  60 degrees in Fort Myers is like 40 in Boston.

Hope it warms up down there.


Maybe no news is good news

Mike LowellNo word on what’s up with the Mike Lowell trade.  I hope they wait until the first of the year to decide anything. On the other hand, after all this, maybe Mike dosen’t want to play for us anymore.  I can’t say I would blame him.


YOUK CAN DO IT: Red Sox slugger Kevin...Were pretty lucky to have a player like Kevin Youkilis. He is flexible enough we really don’t have to worry about 1st or 3rd.

I’d rather see him at 1st, but we just have to wait and see.

Really cold in Boston, 6 degrees at 5a.m. Even reading about Baseball dosen’t help.

Hope it warms up soon, my dad flew in from Florida last night and I’m sure he isn’t going to like waking up to this.


All you need is Love…

Mike Lowell came through, Just to be fair Kevin Youkilis gave Mike a little help by getting thrown out of the game. But what the heck we’ll take the win any way we can get it!

Lowell celebrated with Pedroia after hitting a home run.

Must say Tito throwing his gum(ick) was a bit much. But if it took the team getting angry to get this win, then so be it.

Youk will probably get fined for charging the pitcher, but again it was worth it. ( maybe the team should pass the hat and help pay the fine.

My granddaughter came up to her grandfather and said, ” and you said Mike Lowell couldn’t hit any more” Huh! Two home runs!  of course he denied saying that, he said ” I said he couldn’t run because of his legs” Well if he keeps hitting home runs, who cares if he can run?He can walk the bases!

Let’s keep that energy going.