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Beat him, don’t break him

I have been a fan of Dan Harens for a long time, I wished for him to be traded to Boston, but as we all know that didn’t happen.

Okay so he is with the Angels.  We kicked a** last night. But Youk hit a ball right back at Haren and they had to take him out of the game.  I didn’t want him to beat us, but don’t beat him up his first game with the Angels!

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher...

Buchholz allowed one run on five hits, walked one and struck out seven in seven often-dominant innings. At one point, he retired 11 straight Angels batters, six by strikeout.

Welcome back Clay!

Two more west coast games and then back home for a couple of weeks.  At least we’re staying on the east coast for a while. I hate baseball on the west coast.



Maybe a trip to West Coast is what Dice K needed

Good game last night, Dice K pitching like the old Dice K!

Daisuke Matsuzaka works against the...

thanks to Matsuzaka, the Red Sox remained only 3 1/2 games behind.

Funny thing with all the injuries my 9 year old Granddaughter knows more RedSox players and positions than I do.

PATIENT APPROACH: Mike Lowell chats...A reporter for the Sunday Herald Ray Borges  did a full page on Mike Lowell and him sitting around the dugout just waiting to be traded.  I know it’s probably true, but I hated the way the story read.  Kind of like kicking the dog when he’s down.  I love Mike, but enough, I wish they would decide what they are going to do and do it.

This is probably the first year since I started watching baseball that I don’t have a favorite player.  Of course there’s always Wakefield, but he’s getting old, and I think Tito expects too much from him.


Kerry for Youk

It was very nice of Senator Kerry to take time out of his busy day to ask the voters of Massachusetts to stop for a second and vote for Kevin Youklis.

On the other hand the way people have been getting injured, maybe it’s not such a good idea. Kevin had a little ankle cramp last night, he should be back tonight.  We really don’t want anything worse to happen to him.

John Kerry, left, encourages Red Sox...

Nick Swisher is asking all the celebrities(sp) to push a vote for him.

Also up for consideration for the final spot are Michael Young (Texas), Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox) and Delmon Young (Minnesota) . Voting ends on Thursday. So if you want to keep Kevin home and safe, and don’t want Swisher to make it, there are other options.  My personal favorite is Delmon Young.

Stay healthy Kevin, there is at least 3 more months of Baseball to play. 


I’m sorry I didn’t vote for you to play in the All Star Game, but really Kevin, just think how lucky you have been this year.  With so many of the guys injured how could we chance sending you to the West Coast to a Game that really dosen’t mean anything?

Okay, that said, everyone should be voting for you today.  You have to win, if nothing else just to beat Swisher!

Come on Red Sox Nation, let’s show them what we’ve got! Vote for Youklis today! Don’t wait until it’s too late.It was a frustrating day all around for Kevin Youkilis and the Red Sox, who failed to sweep the Orioles because of Sunday's loss.

5 for 5 in 5 hours, way to go Dustin

I’m really glad this series with Colorado is over.  I know we won last night, but 1 out of 3 is not so good.

Pedroia was in a slump and not much was said about it in the media, luckily before they got there talons into him he came out of the slump with a bang.  He has never been my favorite player, but it’s getting harder and harder not to love him.10

Thanks Dustin for salvaging the series for us.  We can now move on with our head held high.15

With the weekend here I may even get to watch some baseball.

I am pretty disapointed that Mike Lowell has been put on the DL.  I understand it was time to bring Dice K back up, but Mike deserves better.  I don’t want to see him leave, it will break my heart, but I think what the Sox are doing is just plain cruel


Pitchers and Catchers have reported

ALDS: Red Sox vs. Angels
Heres a trio I can’t wait to see back in Fenway Park.I’ts so good to see Baseball news in the paper again.  It’s been a long winter.
Boston at Chicago - Sept. 6, 2009
 do really want to stay here and hopefully end my career in Boston.”V Mart in a early morning interview
HOME RUN: Red Sox catcher Victor...
What a beautiful family!
I hope he is with us for a long time.
It’s just 32 days until Spring! (of course Boston is getting another Snow Storm, but that’s okay it’s almost over)

If your not going to win, at least have some fun

Great Picture

Mound of trouble for Sox(photo from boston.com)

Nick Green Pitching. Who would have guessed? Not me.

Catcher Jason Varitek had a little fun during Thursday's annual Red Sox team photograph.

Great photo of Tek, having some fun.

Before a May 6 game against the Cleveland Indians, Remy's play-by-play partner, Don Orsillo, announced Remy would take a leave of absence for an indefinite period to recover from cancer surgery . Remy missed six games to that point in the season and was forced to miss most of spring training when he developed an infection that led to pneumonia. 'I want to focus on completing my recovery so that I can return to work without distractions or disruptions,' Remy said in a statement. 'I hope that disclosing my bout with cancer will reinforce the dangers of smoking to every member of Red Sox Nation, especially children.'

So good to have Jerry back! It’s a pleasure to listen to the games now.

Okay, I am trying to avoid last nights game.  3 out of 4 is pretty damn good.

Tonight Blue Jays.