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Some things I am looking forward to seeing

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Wally and the Truck with all the red sox equipment, heading for Florida and Spring Training!


Can’t wait to see what’s next

He’s about as dependable as it gets! 

That is a quote in Boston.com next to a picture of John Lackey.  I think that’s a really nice thing to say about someone.

WELCOME ABOARD: Mike Cameron and John...

Looks like Theo did a good thing, taking on Lackey!

COMPLETE GAME: Theo Epstein turned a...

I watch some of the news conference with Lackey and Cameron.  I was pretty impressed.  They both appear very happy to be here.  Cameron was spotted in a local Sport Shop buying Red Sox gear for his kids!

I am trying to avoid anything to do with Mike Lowell.  I’m pretty happy right now with what is going on with the Sox and I don’t want to spoil all that by finding out Mike is gone.


Looks like these will be the new guys in town

I like John Lackey, well at least I did when he had to pitch against us. He might just like Boston so he won’t have to pitch against us anymore.  He is also going to give John Lester a run for his money in the Cranky Pants department.  But who know’s, maybe when that Fenway crowd starts cheering for him, he might just crack a smile!In this Oct. 22, 2009 photo, Los...

Mike Cameron is a new face to me.  I like what I’m reading, of course I hate losing Jason Bay, but it appears he has made his choice.  Bay has turned me off with his greed.

Let’s welcome Cameron, maybe this is the new blood we need to win another Championship.Mike Cameron.

Word is Mike Lowell may not pass the Physical. It seems he is problems with his left thumb.

If we are going to pay Mike to play for Texas, why not pay him to sit on the bench at Fenway?