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Sox win/ and Mikie sounds off

Late game, long game. But when the end result goes our way it’s always worth it. It’s always a little sweeter when we win in Yankee Stadium.

Lowell was approached by reporters regarding being left out of the lineup today, and when he spoke the truth about the way he feels ( and who wouldn’t in his position) the media rips him up one side and down the other.  Going from a Golden Glove player to sitting on the bench and then when Tito gets desperate having him pitch hit, what can you expect from him.  He sits cold and then they expect miracles. 

Mike wants to play, if he can’t play then they should just release him and stop the torture. I love Mike, he has been my favorite player for years, but I am feeling his pain.  And don’t be making up lies about him, he has the right to get angry!  He hasn’t asked for a Trade or Release, but the Media just won’t let up. They approched him, not the other way around. He’s not Manny!

SQUEAKY WHEEL: Veteran Mike Lowell,...

Back home tonight for two games with Minn. Then on the road again to Philly and then Tampa.  What a screwed up schedule. It’s seems hard enough to win this season, and MLB is not making it any easier!



Papi will come around

The Sox’ base-stealing  program  is off to a really bad start. Thirteen runners have tried to steal, 12 have succeeded .What does that say about our new Starting Catcher?

I happen to be a huge fan of Victor Martinez. But with all the talk about Big Papi not Hitting maybe someone should look around the team.  Papi is not the only problem. 

Martinez can’t seem to pick off a base stealer, and he isn’t hitting so great.  Sure I know he is young and the season is early, but Martinez was suppose to be a great catch, (no pun intended) what’s up?

.LUMBER SLUMBERS: It's been...

NO STOPPING 'EM: Sox catcher...(photo’s from bostonherald.com)

Starting pitcher John Lackey.

On the other hand it looks like Lackey was a great catch! Looking real good against Minnesota yesterday, even in the rain.