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Some people just know how to age gracefully!

In contrast, Tim Wakefield shut out the Phillies for eight innings Sunday.

Pretty damn good game for an old man! And against Philly.

And Dice K just trying to get some of us, me included, to eat our words.  Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were the kind of games we have grown (over the past few years) to expect from our team.  They looked great. I must admit I didn’t watch too much of either game, weekend schdule kept me pretty busy all weekend, but I kept my ears open and sneaked a peek when possible.

Papi didn’t look to bad on 1st base Saturday, but I’m sure he is relieved it dosen’t happen too often.

I’d like to thank the Mets for a real good game last night. That would be the one where they beat C.C. and got the win against the Yankees.  Also kudo’s to Arod for striking out with the bases loaded.  Now New York knows how Papi felt friday night. Strange how that kind of thing can happen to the best.

Now down to Tampa. Lets hope the good Mojo just keeps on happening!



It’s all about Greed!

Looks like Jay Bay may be leaving us. Possibly to the Mets.  When it comes down to 60 million dollars in 4 years not being enought money, then it’s just greed.   And the last thing he refused was 65 million for 4 years. Just how much money do these guys need? 

I have always been a big fan of Bay’s, but I just don’t like the way this is turning.SO LONG, FAREWELL? Left fielder Jason...

And Mike, well it looks like a sure thing that he will be going to the Rangers. 

Mike was a All Star and MVP in 2007 ( the last year the Sox won the World Series)

A few set backs last year with his hip and thumb, but he really deserved at least one more year and a chance to come back.

The trade of third baseman Mike...

I think i’ll stay away from the Sport page for a few days.  It is just really very depressing.