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It’s not over “till the fat lady sings”

Wakefield became the oldest pitcher in franchise history to win a game.  He took the title away from the “Big Cheese” himself, Dennis Eckersley. Eck was 43 years and 349 days old when he won his last game, and Wake is 44 years and 38 days old today!!

Just to make the win that much better it was against Garza. Of all the pichers in Tampa he is the one I dislike the most.  His spitting is gross. I can’t stand watching him.

Day off today while they travel to the West Coast, Oakland and Seattle, then back home.

The season is winding down.  Doesn’t look like a Championship this year, but stranger things have happen.  Beating Tampa 2 out of 3 games, what the he77, It’s not over yet!




Great come back for V Mart, 5 for 5 and 4 of those hits were doubles! Really helped a slow starting Lackey. 

I like John Lackey, I just think he hasn’t found his groove yet.  It’s coming.

ROUGH GOING: Starter John Lackey...

Oakland again tonight. Dice K on the mound.It should be a long one.  I think all Dice K games should be in the afternoon. 


Changing their tune

I would love to be in a bar with David Ortiz and have Dan Shaughnessy and Tony Massarotti walk up to him and try to shake his hand and have David hit them both square in the middle of the face.

One day he is over the hill, on his way out, and the next he is the hero of the Red Sox.

Any real fan knew he would be back in great form, and he is!

Massarotti and Shaughnessy had a debate over weather or not Papi was done. and the sox should let him go.  Who do they think they are? I think he has proven he still has it, not that he had to prove anything to me.  This is the reason I have stopped reading the Globe.

The Globe sports reporters seem to gloat in big names having a tough time.WELCOME SIGHT: David Ortiz gets...Great job Papi, and beautiful picture borrowed without permission from the boston herald.

Very busy Memorial day weekend, we are very active with the Girl Scouts in our town and spend Memorial day weekend putting flags on Soldiers graves at the local cementary and marching in the Parade.  We are trying to teach the girls what it means to love and defend your country.

Did get to peek at Lester for a while, not his greatest game, but we pulled it off.

Long weekends are never long enough.

Back to the grind today and Sox home tonight with Oakland.