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Teks not gone yet

GOING STRONG: Jason Varitek may be...(photo from bostonherald.com)

Jason Veritek may just be the back up catcher, but it appears to me that he may be having a pretty good year afterall!  Tek is looking better than he has in the past 2 years.  Maybe it’s the rest between all the games, but it’s working.  Now if we could get the rest of the team to perk up just a bit.

I may not be a big fan of CrabCakes (Jon Lester) but yesterday was an embarrasment. Both to him and the team.  Franconia is leaving the pitchers in too long.  When the game starts to get out of hand it is time to take the pitcher out!

Holiday here in Boston, Patriots Day! Early game, I think 11 a.m., right now the sky is clear and it is 35 degrees out, hopefully it will get a little warmer by game time.

Lacky’s pitching today. I have some friends going to the game. Hope they get to see a good one!