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Last night, not only was he good, but he was tenacious.

I feel very blessed to wear this uniform for so long for an organization that believes in me! ~Tim Wakefield~

KNUCKLING DOWN: Sox starter Tim...(photo from Bostonherald.com)

Wake has always been my favorite. I love watching knuckleballers!  Old man of the team, ha! He certainly showed everyone. Victor Martinez did a really good job.  It’s not easy catching him, I thought he would be done after Doug Maribelli left the team.  I didn’t really see any place for a Knuckleballer without a Catcher.

And yes it feels good whenever any one breaks a Roger Clemens record.

 If this is his last year, what a way to go out. 



Fisk has something to say

Of McGwire’s claim that the steroids merely helped him recover more quickly from injuries, Fisk said, “Try having your knees operated on and catching for 30 years. Do you think you feel good when you go out there? [McGwire] had to stand around and play first base. So excuuuuuse me.”  Fisk is pretty funny ; )

Carlton Fisk -Swinging(photo from google)


He also commented on Roger “The Rocket”, leaving Boston and going to play for Toronto, and then winning 2 Cy Young Awards. Oh yeah, to quote Fisk, “pass the bucket”.

Carlton Fisk is a Hall of Famer, and if either of these other guys, Mc Gwire or Clemen get into the Hall, it would be a Slap in the Face to players like Carlton who played without Enhancing Drugs, and still made it. ( some comments from Associated Press).

23 days until Truck Day!!