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Head is in a fog

As Julia so generously pointed out to me, my numbers were off yesterday. My bad. I can’t imagine why with all that has been going on in my life.  But thankfully I have Julia around to let me know on my blog, not email, that I made a mistake.  I really will have to try to research a little better before writing anything.  Thanks for being there for me Julia, everyone needs someone like you around to point out their mistakes!

Now I think I got this right, Tito took out Wakefield, the game was tied when Scott Podsednik hit a home run off of Ramirez then came the ninth and Big Papi hit a homerun and we won the game!!

POWER BALL: David Ortiz swats his...

STICKY FINGERS: Tim Wakefield grips...

It was really good to see Wakefield back on the mound last night.

Jerry in the Booth, Wally in the Chair and Wake on the Mound. Baseball at it’s best!