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Truck Day is Here!!


Not a big deal you say, Well then you don’t live in Boston! Truck Day is the Start of The Baseball Season, it also means Spring is just around the corner!

It’s not like we don’t like winter in New England, but Mother Nature has been cruel to us this year and I think everyone is looking forward to Spring.

The Pitchers and Catchers have already started arriving in Fort Myers.

As I look out at that cloudy sky, through the snow flakes, I know there is hope! ” It’s Truck Day”!



Somethings just don’t belong in baseball

Bernie Carbo has found God, and now he tells anyone that will listen “what a loser he was”.He delivered an 8:30 a.m. service before a day's worth of baseball.

Drugs, Booze, Pot, This guy did it all and then went out and tried to play ball.  He is know for the Home run in the 1975 world series that tied the game and got Fisk up to win the game.I don’t remember much about the 70’s, but I do remember that game. I also remember that my daughter loved Bernie.  Now I wish he was someone I forgot.

Terry Francona finally came up with the rotation, Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz, Looks like Dice K will be in a bull pen for a while.

I am really happy to see Spring Training come to an end, maybe the rain will end with it. Opening Night and a new Season start Sunday. Let’s hope they bring some good weather with them from Florida.


Opening Day is almost here

It’s just 6 days until the opening game of the season,Terry Francona will use five starters: Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz.  That sounds really good!  The only thing that could be better would be a strarting opening day of oh, let’s just say April 23 at 1:00 at Fenway. By the end of April the weather should be really nice, and opening day should always be in the afternoon.

Mike Lowell is really having a tough time. Not that he is complaining, he is not that kind of guy.  His knee is swollen and he has not and probably won’t have enough at bats to start in the opening game.  He will probably come up to Boston on the disabled list.  Again not that he is complaining.  He knows his limitations.

Games haven’t started and I have already gotten a couple of tickets. It’s nice, but there is no way I am going to Fenway in April.  My daughter will enjoy the tickets, Thanks P.N. but next time July. Please.




There has to be a spot for him

Tim Wakefield has pitched in five games so far this spring, posting a 3.66 ERA. Pitching decisions unclear

Wakefield said it has been one of the best spring trainings of his career. So why has he not been told that he would be in the starting lineup?  I understand who he is against, and as good as Buchholtz and Dice K are, they haven’t showed enough this spring training.

Wake has proved himself, why not give him a chance?

Marlins were watching Mike Lowell yesterday, they don’t have a DH, so it does not appear they would be interested.


Lowell on first…..that’s okay

Mike Lowell made his spring training debut for the Boston Red Sox. Of course it was on first and not third, but thats okay, as long as Mike is playing for the Sox I’m happy.

Mike Lowell

I’m not stupid and I know Mike will not be with us forever, but I’m going to enjoy having him around while I can.

Wakefield had a poor outing yesterday, but that’s what Spring Training is all about.  Get those kinks out before opening day.

The rain has finally stopped in Boston, and maybe that means Spring is on the way so when the Sox get home the weather will be beautiful


It’s getting old

Daisuke Matsuzaka  played catch, and shagged fly balls but did not get back on the mound a day after a stiff neck kept him from throwing batting practice. (boston.com)

Matsuzaka’s streak of not speaking to reporters is getting old.  I don’t know if he is just a primadonna or if there is really something wrong with him.

On the other side of that coin is Tim Wakefield. The old man on the team that is doing everything possible to get a spot on the starting rotation. My vote is definetly with Tim!

Mike Lowell finally gets to play today, it’s going to be at 1st base, which is a little strange, but I’m sure he is happy just to be playing.

Maybe Dice K should talk to the older guys on the team.  He might learn something.

At this rate he will no way be ready for opening day

Concern evident for Westmorelandhas Ryan Westmoreland has a rare brain condition and will be operated on at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix 

Brain Surgery is such a risky thing.  Prayers for Ryan and his family.


John Lackey

I am really looking forward to seeing John Lackey in a Red Sox uniform on the mound at Fenway Park.  He has had two really good outings so far at Spring Training. And I have yet to see him pitch

.John Lackey stood tall in his Sox debut Saturday, going two perfect innings.Photos from boston.com

Mike Lowell has not played in a game yet.  He took a few personal days.  Now he is back at camp working out. 

Jon Lester gave up three hits and four runs Friday in one inning vs. the Twins. He also walked two and struck out one.

Lester is not having a great Spring Training.  Hopefully he will straighten all that out before opening day.

Jason Varitek’s Dad is not well and Jason took a few days to be with him. He is back in Fort Myers and will probably get to play in a game early next week. PV’s Jason

26 Days till opening day!