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No one is happy, until last night!

Glad to see the front office isn’t too happy either!Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein...This is a beautiful picture of Theo, but boy does he look angry!

On the other hand the “new kid in town” saved the day!

“I couldn’t write a script any better,” McDonald said after sending a crowd of 37,614 into a frenzy and being swarmed by his teammates at second base. “A dream come true.”HERO'S WELCOME: Darnell...

We need more games like this one, and if it takes a Kid from the minors to do it, So be it!

I was sorry to see Big Papi so upset last night, the other side of that coin is I was so happy to see Mike Lowell in the game that I forgot whose place he was taking.


Mike, always the Gentleman

Epstein said, “Oh, I fully expect him to be on this team.” (when asked about Mike Lowell’s status with the team) Well Theo, I for one am really happy to hear that.

Not that I don’t value baseball, but I’m pretty confident I’m going to be in the big leagues this year somewhere, and I still view that as a privilege.(Mike Lowell, such a classy guy)

I would love to see Mike playing with the team, but if that’s not possible, well then I hope someone is looking for a third baseman and Theo trades him.  Mike just wants to play ball.

In his interview he sounded so classy. Never uttering a bad word about Theo or the Red Sox.

If you really want some insight on Mike you need to read his book.  I think he comes across as a very humble, and grateful person.  Not something you see everyday in Baseball.

By the way, Happy 36th Birthday Mike!

 HOT DAWG: NESN broadcaster Jerry...

Jerry Remy spoke to reporters yesterday and talked about his depression since being dignosed with cancer.  Knowing too many people with Cancer I understand what he is going through.  But he has to fight it.  Possitive thinking is part of the cure. 

 PV’s Jerry.  This too shall pass.


I’m not a football fan, but….

Great Superbowl Game!

We have a little tradition in my family, Superbowl Sunday is a Special day.  We set a theme and I cook enough food to feed the family plus anyone who happens to stop by. Yesterday it was Southern Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork.  Of course being Sunday I had to make a Pasta dish, so it was Spinich Ravoli’s with an Alfredo Sauce.  Salad and 3 or 4 Appitizers.  Then the Game.  It’s the only game I watch all season, regardless of who is playing, and of course I have plenty of squares.  I didn’t make any money, but boy did I enjoy the game.  I wanted the Saints to win, and they did. But they also made it interesting. The game really moved, never dragged.  The result, well everyone knows by now. The Saints won the Superbowl.

I find it sad that Nomar is going to retire.  I loved watching him play for the Red sox and was really sad when Theo traded him.  Seeing him back for a game in Boston last year was really great, and I loved the reacation of the fans.  So did he!

The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy describes Nomar's first at bat in an opposing uniform at Fenway Park: on July 6, 2009 Last night Garciaparra came back to Fenway for the first time in five years. He was showered with even more love, just as he was for his entire Red Sox career. When he stepped into the box to face John Smoltz at 7:27, you would have thought Bill Russell and Bobby Orr had been introduced. The standing ovation was long and loud.


Only 4 more days until Truck Day! Spring Training is almost here!


More Spring Trianing

I just really liked this picture of Theo

NO WORRIES: Sox GM Theo Epstein is...

There is an awful lot of talk about our 6 starting pitchers.  Do we need 6? Who isn’t going to be in the rotation?  Well according to Theo, it’s not a problem.  He is quite pleased.

According to Theo, at this point, two spots on the 25-man roster could be a focus of competition come spring training. I personally am a big fan of Tim Wakefield.  I know, old guy on the team.  But that dosen’t mean he can’t pitch.  And after last year who knows about Dice K?

Theo also said Mike Lowell should be ready to play come March.  Again I can just pray he has a job at third base.

I have a friend who is going to Fort Myers for a month with her daughter and a few weeks with her husband.  I haven’t wanted to go to Spring Training in years, I am a little jealous this year.

It’s been a long winter.


Dice K who?

Don’t you feel like he slapped us in the face? Dice K coming out a year later and telling us he hurt his inner thigh last January getting prepared for the WBC.  And then hiding it.  Playing in the WBC coming home and playing with the Red Sox and hiding the fact that he had an injury.

All the games he played hurt, and lost.  What the hell. I have lost a great deal of respect for him.

Dice-K admits prior injury


I also hate what I’m reading on Mike Lowell.  It seems Theo is bitting at the bit to get him well again so he can trade him.  Well I guess I have to give up.  There is nothing worse than a player on a team that the managment doesn’t want.  Maybe he will get traded to a team that appreciates him and will let him play.

What of Mike Lowell?(photo’s from Boston.com)

Just 35 Days till Truck day and 41 till the pitchers and catchers report!!


Can’t wait to see what’s next

He’s about as dependable as it gets! 

That is a quote in Boston.com next to a picture of John Lackey.  I think that’s a really nice thing to say about someone.

WELCOME ABOARD: Mike Cameron and John...

Looks like Theo did a good thing, taking on Lackey!

COMPLETE GAME: Theo Epstein turned a...

I watch some of the news conference with Lackey and Cameron.  I was pretty impressed.  They both appear very happy to be here.  Cameron was spotted in a local Sport Shop buying Red Sox gear for his kids!

I am trying to avoid anything to do with Mike Lowell.  I’m pretty happy right now with what is going on with the Sox and I don’t want to spoil all that by finding out Mike is gone.


So far Theo is doing the right thing

As one of the older members of Red Sox Nation, I could not be happier that they signed Wake to a 2 year deal.

Timmy is a strong force on the team and his age and knowledge can certainly be used. Also the fact that he is a knuckleballer helps too.  I love watching him pitch when he is on his game.

Now with surgery behind him, he should have 2 good years to go. Then coaching? Media (he really isn’t bad to look at), there are plenty of options for him.HAPPY DAZE: Tim Wakefield is pleased...

I also happy about the Sox signing Victor!  I think he is a great asset to the team.  Jason just didn’t have it this year, but as backup Catcher, he can use all that knowledge he has to help not just Victor but the team.

I know there are pitchers that don’t want anyone but Tek, but I think they will grow to respect Victor.

TEK JOB: Victor Martinez, above, gets...(photos from bostonherald.com)

So far so good, but I’m still waiting for them to sign Jay Bay.  Hopefully that will be soon