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Love that knuckleball

Tim Wakefield.

Tim Wakefield starts 16th Season, unbelieveable. and a knuckleball pitcher at that!  Always one of my favorite Red Sox, and I couldn’t be happier he is still in the starting lineup. I would rather see him pitching in Fenway, but that’s okay, I think he’ll do just fine.

VMart is catching him tonight.  I hope he has enough time with Tim. I was kind of hoping Tek would be catching tonight, but Tito said it would be Victor.

4 games into the season and the local press is all over the Sox. Enough! They won opening night game against the Yankees. The next two were good games, they didn’t just hand the win over to them. Lighten up, it’s a long season.

PV’s to Papi, tonight is going to be his night too.



The Guys are looking good

A lot of smiling faces, and buff bodies at Spring Training yesterday.  Big Papi as always with a great smile!

David Ortiz was among the first position players to report to spring training on Monday. Several arrived last week to participate in informal workouts while pitchers and catchers were reporting, but Monday was the first day position players were required to report. Click here to see a gallery of early arrivals and pitchers and catchers reporting.

Tito making the new guy feel welcome!Red Sox manager Terry Francona welcomed new outfielder Mike Cameron to spring training on Monday. Cameron was acquired as a free agent. He spent last season with the Brewers.

Mikey always looks great!As the Red Sox finalize the potential deal that will send Mike Lowell to Texas along with an additional $8 million to $9 million, we look back at Lowell's career and the four seasons the beloved third baseman played in Boston.

Who snuck in the picture of Crabcakes? Lighten up JohnJon Lester blew a bubble during Monday's workouts.

And speaking of Crabby people, Manny Ranirez says this is his last year in L.A.  So does that mean he is going to lay down on the team like he did when he was through with the Red Sox? I hope L.A. is listening and dumps him before he gets the chance to dump them.

Once a bad apple always a bad apple.

Head is in a fog

As Julia so generously pointed out to me, my numbers were off yesterday. My bad. I can’t imagine why with all that has been going on in my life.  But thankfully I have Julia around to let me know on my blog, not email, that I made a mistake.  I really will have to try to research a little better before writing anything.  Thanks for being there for me Julia, everyone needs someone like you around to point out their mistakes!

Now I think I got this right, Tito took out Wakefield, the game was tied when Scott Podsednik hit a home run off of Ramirez then came the ninth and Big Papi hit a homerun and we won the game!!

POWER BALL: David Ortiz swats his...

STICKY FINGERS: Tim Wakefield grips...

It was really good to see Wakefield back on the mound last night.

Jerry in the Booth, Wally in the Chair and Wake on the Mound. Baseball at it’s best!


All you need is Love…

Mike Lowell came through, Just to be fair Kevin Youkilis gave Mike a little help by getting thrown out of the game. But what the heck we’ll take the win any way we can get it!

Lowell celebrated with Pedroia after hitting a home run.

Must say Tito throwing his gum(ick) was a bit much. But if it took the team getting angry to get this win, then so be it.

Youk will probably get fined for charging the pitcher, but again it was worth it. ( maybe the team should pass the hat and help pay the fine.

My granddaughter came up to her grandfather and said, ” and you said Mike Lowell couldn’t hit any more” Huh! Two home runs!  of course he denied saying that, he said ” I said he couldn’t run because of his legs” Well if he keeps hitting home runs, who cares if he can run?He can walk the bases!

Let’s keep that energy going.