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I see the Red (Sox) Moon Arising!

Mike Lowell drove in the go-ahead run with a bases loaded walk and the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 2-1 on Tuesday night.  How sweet is that. Yes I know Clay Buchholz went 8 innings and won the game, but I love the fact that Mike is in there and that he is helping the team win!

 OVER THE TOP: Red Sox pitcher Clay...

 I’m sad that the DH has come down to Mike and Big Papi, that’s not a choice I want to make, but we’re all pretty sure this is Mike’s last year in Major League Baseball and we want him to leave on a high note!


JAY WALKING: Mike Lowell draws a...

This was also the 5th straight victory in Toronto.  Maybe we should play in Canada more often?  We really needed these wins, and maybe it’s the start of something.


Jason Varitek. Can’t pass up a good picture of Tek. Who I might add is looking a lot better this season than expected.




I’ve heard so many negative things about Jason, I don’t know where to start.  So typical of sports. As soon as you have a bad year everyone forgets all the good you did in prior years.

My husband was never a fan of Jasons, I always was. Yeah I saw the 7 bases stolen on him Friday night. He has always been a catcher they love to run on. But, ask any pitcher that has had him catch for him, (except maybe Wakefield). He is the Best.

Be it what it may, maybe his knees are gone, maybe some of his heart is gone, but he still calls one hell of a game.

Do I want him catching the playoffs? Not all of the time, but Lester, definetly. 

If this is going to be Tek’s last year behind the plate, then the Sox should pick him up as an advisor to the pitchers.  They need someone like him to teach the other Catchers how to call games.

Yeah, I know it’s just a rant. I’m as frustrated as everyone else that we gave the Yankees a sweep this weekend. But the year is looking an awful lot like 2004.

Toronto the next 3 games.  Let’s wrap this thing up.