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Home again

Sox are home tonight playing Toronto, let’s hope the winning continues and the Yankees keep losing.

Derek Jeter sure was very upfront about it afterward. “It’s part of the game,” he said. “My job is to get on base.”

 This is the quote from Jeter after getting caught faking getting hit by the ball and taking a base.

Derek Jeter

(Never thought I would put a picture of a Yankee on my blog, but I just couldn’t resist)

The Yankee shortstop is regarded by many as Mr. Purity.( not by me, but I have heard nice things said about him).  He cheated!! that is the bottom line.

We are in the middle of a penant race.  The Wild Card is not out of our reach.  We do not need trusted players like Derek Jeter Cheating!!

Just one more reason to dislike the Yankees!



Mike’s doing good.

I don’t want the team to have to sacrifice anyone just so Mike can have a starting spot in the lineup, but if the Baseball Gods see fit to injure someone and Mike is the man to fill in, I guess we will just have to deal with that ; )

Mike seems to be dealing just fine.

POWER SOURCE: Mike Lowell is...

I love this picture.  Also what it was for, Mike hitting the game winning home run against Toronto last night!

You know being 5 games out of first place isn’t the worse thing that can happen to us, it’s only the second week in August, we still have 48 games until the regular season is over.  If these guys keep their game on who knows what could happen.

Admittidly this has been a pretty crazy season.  With all the injuries it’s amazing we are only 5 games out.  But with the guys slowly coming back from there injuries and Mike playing ball like he is, Well who knows?


Throw the broom away, no sweep this time

A double play to end the sixth inning has Jon Lester, who ended up going seven, pumped as he leaves the mound.

Jon Lester did what we knew he could, what we thought the entire pitching staff could do.

If he keeps this up I may have to start calling him something besides “Crab Cakes”. I want to see a smile on that face when he faces and defeats the Yankees!

Tim Wakefield PictureTim Wakefield got an inning on the mound and looked very good.

Kudos to Dallas Braden after throwing a perfect game against Tampa Bay Rays on Mothers Day, the perfect gift for his Grandmother, who happen to be at the game!Starting pitcher Dallas Braden,...

It took three days, but yesterday was a pretty good day for Baseball!  Now it’s on to Toronto and John Lackey.