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Didn’t think I would be so sad

I watch quite a bit of Baseball this weekend.  I didn’t expect much, boy was i surprised! First on Friday night they didn’t postpone the game until after 10:00. It was pouring, everyone knew the game was not going to be played, but they just wouldn’t pospone, so we waited.

Saturdays game was a little disapointing, but what the heck we knew we were out of the running, and it was Mike Lowell’s farewell game.  Just writing that makes me cry.  I can’t believe he won’t be with the team come Spring Training time.

Then came the make up game.  No starters except for J.D. as DH. What the hell were we trying to lose?  Surprise, we won it in the 10th!!

Yesterdays game made me cry again, possibly the last time Jason Varitek will step up to the plate as a Red Sox. He will always be the team Captain to me.

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek gets a hug from Victor Martinez after he was replaced in the ninth inning yesterday.

So what if the Yankees won the Wild Card, we knew we couldn’t.

But we won the game, the weekend, and we looked terrific!!

So go play your Playoff Games and we will sit back and wait for Spring.  But we have to Thank the Sox for a Great Ending to a crazy season.

My daughter went to a good bye time for Mike Lowell at Jerry Remys new restaurant, and won a Wally Doll, autographed by Jerry.  I have an original Wally, but this one is so much nicer, it has Jerry’s name on it’s butt, and I love Jerry. ( by the way the Wally doll is now mine,  because I lent her my Mike Lowell shirt)

I will probably do a blog saying Good Bye to Mike Lowell, but right now I just can’t.




I know why people don’t read the sports page

I think Gerry Callahan from the Boston Herald and Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe,are the same person.

They both contine to write negatively about the Sox.  They won’t give them a break no matter what is going on.  Injuries, so what, the rest of the team makes a zillion dollars so we should still be in first place.  So what’s the problem?

We still have 31 games to play, that means we are not out of it yet!  How about some of that “Home Town Spirit”, if we beat the Yankees, and we beat TampaBaltimore………….well there is a hell of a good chance we will make the wild card.  It’s not like we didn’t do it before (2004) when the writers ( see above) had us down and out.

Hopefully it all starts tonight against Baltimore.

POP AT THE TROP: Sox slugger Victor...(photo from boston herald.com)

FULLY CHARGED: Victor Martinez...

Let’s try standing behind them and praying for the best!  Who know’s stranger things have happen~




I’m So Sorry Dustin

Okay, so I never really cared much for him, but this was the year, he was doing great, went into a slump and started doing great again.  I tried not to like him, but he made it so hard.  I have a record for liking players and having them get hurt.  I also have a record for liking players and getting them traded, so I guess were lucky he’s still with the team.  Get well quickly Dustin.  And I promise I’ll keep it a secret that I like you.ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Red Sox...

Now Victor Martinez, I’ve liked him since he started playing for us.  Sorry.

Great California trip, I have friends and family that were at the Giant, RedSox games.  I know they were watching with mixed emotions.   

Again we come away with a 1 out of 3 win. Can’t wait to get the Sox home.

Off tonight, then 2 games at home with Tampa Bay, then a much needed second day off and Baltimore comes to town.

Hopefully by next week most of the injured are back on the field.


Last night, not only was he good, but he was tenacious.

I feel very blessed to wear this uniform for so long for an organization that believes in me! ~Tim Wakefield~

KNUCKLING DOWN: Sox starter Tim...(photo from Bostonherald.com)

Wake has always been my favorite. I love watching knuckleballers!  Old man of the team, ha! He certainly showed everyone. Victor Martinez did a really good job.  It’s not easy catching him, I thought he would be done after Doug Maribelli left the team.  I didn’t really see any place for a Knuckleballer without a Catcher.

And yes it feels good whenever any one breaks a Roger Clemens record.

 If this is his last year, what a way to go out. 



Great come back for V Mart, 5 for 5 and 4 of those hits were doubles! Really helped a slow starting Lackey. 

I like John Lackey, I just think he hasn’t found his groove yet.  It’s coming.

ROUGH GOING: Starter John Lackey...

Oakland again tonight. Dice K on the mound.It should be a long one.  I think all Dice K games should be in the afternoon. 


The way I see it

I know where we stand right now, but I don’t think for one second all is lost.  Our pitchers need a little shaking up.  Paplebon is surely still banging his head against a wall this morning.  But you must keep in mind who started the game, and gave up 6 runs , after the first inning the guys already had to work there butts off to win this game.

And you know what they did it.  The guys worked really hard, V Mart, Youk, Papi and JD all made it look like that’s the job they were hired to do.

Boston right fielder J.D. Drew cranked a three-run home run in the fifth inning that cut the Yankees' lead to 6-5. Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli could only watch the blast down the right-field line.

So back to the Evil Empire tonight and hopefull the end result will be a much happier one!

kudo’s to the top 50 MLB blogers.  I once again didn’t make it, but that’s okay.  This is my blog and I do it to vent my frustrations and sometimes happiness.  I am have had this blog for 5 years and have over 75,000 hits. That’s fine with me!


The Yankees are coming, the yankees are coming

Matsuzaka was so shaky at the start, he was getting mock cheers for throwing a strike after walking the first two batters and he was getting booed after the runs started pouring in.  I am not a big fan of Dice K’s, but you never boo the home team or a player on the home team.

He got it together after the first inning, and did it help making him feel bad in his home park? A lot of the guys are struggling, I don’t know why, I don’t like it any more than the next person, but I am not booing my team.


I really believe Terry has to pick a line up and stick to it. 

V.Mart finally came around last night.  We’re on a Roll, let’s hope we keep it up this weekend with the Yankees coming to town.


Happy Birthday to my Husband Jim!