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Good Luck John

John Farerell will be the new Manager for the Toronto Blue Jays.  I’m very happy for him.  I liked John while he was here, but I’m sure most coaches try so hard because some day they want to Manage a team.  Well John succeeded.  That says a lot for the Sox.  He did good! And now he is off on his own. 

Sorry John, I like you, but we are still going to kick your butt!John Farrell will be toting a new jersey around MLB stops next season as Blue Jays manager.

Now what about a replacement? Rumors are flying that our Captain might be retiring? Well, what better pitching coach than a former catcher? Especially one that knows the pitchers.

I just love this Photo!

(Photo’s borrowed without permission from Google)

World Series Starts Tonight!!

I am leaning toward San Francisco, Javi Lopez is pitching for them……..but of course I want Cliff Lee to win ( I would also like to see the Sox get him, but they probably won’t)

So I really don’t care which team wins, I am just really happy that it is the Giants and the Rangers playing!! (if it can’t be the Red Sox)



Theo can’t wait for next year!

He is not alone, I really didn’t enjoy this past Season, not just because the Sox didn’t make it into the World Series, but for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest being Jerry Remy.  I missed him in the booth.  Just wasn’t the same with Eck. I am really praying that Jerry is fine and gets to announce all the games next year.'It's still early in the...

I loved reading that Big Papi wants to play in Boston until his carreer is over. Also that Theo thinks he is looking just fine.

Now if Theo and the Guys can get it together and sign Jason Bay.

Yes I have avoided mentioning the Yankees winning the World Series.  The first time in 9 years. I guess I’m not a good sport, I really believe for all the money they pay their team they should be winning it every year. I’m really sorry Pedro didn’t pull last night’s game off, it would have been a great way to end his carreer.

Well now the Phillies can join the rest of us and just say ” there’s always next year”!


Ya gotta love him!

I’m pretty sure that every Boston fan out there can feel proud that I’m going to try to beat the Yankees, and I’m going to give just the same effort I always did for them. They’re special fans, and they will always have my respect.(Pedro Martinez)


PRIME TIME: Pedro Martinez is...

I really didn’t care much about the World Series this year.  The Red Sox are not playing, so what the heck, too little time to watch games I don’t really care about. Except, tonight, Pedro is back in Yankee Stadium!  With a win tonight, Pitching against Pettitte who didn’t get enough rest, would force a 7th game.

Who knows what could happen if they get into a 7th game, even if it is at Yankee Stadium.

The Phillies are Pumped!! I hope this turns out to be one of the all time Great Games!

PV’s Petey, go get them!


There are no Fans like Red Sox Fans!

Lee made the Yankees look foolish, striking out 10, including Rodriguez three times and Mark Teixeira twice. Stunned fans fled Yankee Stadium by the hundreds in the eighth inning. The Yankees did not score until the ninth, and that was on a throwing error.(borrowed without permission from Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe)

That paragraph says an awful lot, especially about the Yankee Fans.  Red Sox Fans are never stunned when we are losing, we know there is always the next inning. And to leave the park before the game is over, never, especially a world series game.

I know people that have sat hours through rain storms, and 40 degrees.  Thats a true fan. Not someone stunned because your star pitcher has a bad night.

Tonight it’s Pedro Martinez against A.J. Burnett. I just hope Pedro is all fired up, being back at Yankee Stadium.  It would be so perfect for him to get a win tonight! But if the tables turn and the Yankees pull this one off, you can be sure the fans will stick around to “Boo” the Philly’s.