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Truck Day is Here!!


Not a big deal you say, Well then you don’t live in Boston! Truck Day is the Start of The Baseball Season, it also means Spring is just around the corner!

It’s not like we don’t like winter in New England, but Mother Nature has been cruel to us this year and I think everyone is looking forward to Spring.

The Pitchers and Catchers have already started arriving in Fort Myers.

As I look out at that cloudy sky, through the snow flakes, I know there is hope! ” It’s Truck Day”!



One more year for Big Papi

The Sox yesterday exercised their one-year, $12.5 million option on Ortiz. The decision brings the ever-popular Big Papi back for a ninth season.

The Sox will pay Ortiz what could turn out to be twice as much as any other DH in the game makes. But Ortiz is not just another slugger for hire, given his place in team history and popularity.(boston.com)

This is such a good start for the Team.

Now it’s time to look at the pitchers.

So Happy for the Giants! If it couldn’t be the Red Sox, I was hoping for San Francisco.

 We have lots of family in Frisco.  One of my younger cousins took the time off work, flew to Texas and was there for the Series Winning Game!! Something he will never forget! So happy for you Teddy!  Hope you took a ton of pictures.



Mike and Papi

Gerry Callahan of the Boston Herald is pitting these two up against  each other.  That’s not his job.  He makes David the bad guy, fighting and winning his spot as D H. It has been his job for years and he has finally found his groove.

 Don’t get me wrong I love Mike best,  he has been my favorite player since he came to the Red Sox( I love Papi too). But don’t put them up against each other.  That’s the front office and Tito’s job.  I don’t like it, and I want both of them to last with the sox forever, but nothing lasts forever.

SWITCH HITTERS: While the Red Sox...

Great game for Buchholtz last night! And now with Beckett on the DL maybe Wake will get a couple of starts.

The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day in Boston. Home Game tonight!


Sox win/ and Mikie sounds off

Late game, long game. But when the end result goes our way it’s always worth it. It’s always a little sweeter when we win in Yankee Stadium.

Lowell was approached by reporters regarding being left out of the lineup today, and when he spoke the truth about the way he feels ( and who wouldn’t in his position) the media rips him up one side and down the other.  Going from a Golden Glove player to sitting on the bench and then when Tito gets desperate having him pitch hit, what can you expect from him.  He sits cold and then they expect miracles. 

Mike wants to play, if he can’t play then they should just release him and stop the torture. I love Mike, he has been my favorite player for years, but I am feeling his pain.  And don’t be making up lies about him, he has the right to get angry!  He hasn’t asked for a Trade or Release, but the Media just won’t let up. They approched him, not the other way around. He’s not Manny!

SQUEAKY WHEEL: Veteran Mike Lowell,...

Back home tonight for two games with Minn. Then on the road again to Philly and then Tampa.  What a screwed up schedule. It’s seems hard enough to win this season, and MLB is not making it any easier!


Making a Schedule

I have decide to only blog good things about my team (for the time being) and seeing that they lost yesterday, Mike is not happy, Big Pappi is not happy, this will be a very short blog today.

I also can’t seem to make the top 50 no matter how hard I try, so no more getting anxious about doing a good blog.  It’s suppose to be fun. It’s suppose to be for me!

 Here’s hoping for a good baseball weekend, but with a rainy weekend in Boston it’s hard to guess what will happen.


Lowell on first…..that’s okay

Mike Lowell made his spring training debut for the Boston Red Sox. Of course it was on first and not third, but thats okay, as long as Mike is playing for the Sox I’m happy.

Mike Lowell

I’m not stupid and I know Mike will not be with us forever, but I’m going to enjoy having him around while I can.

Wakefield had a poor outing yesterday, but that’s what Spring Training is all about.  Get those kinks out before opening day.

The rain has finally stopped in Boston, and maybe that means Spring is on the way so when the Sox get home the weather will be beautiful


I’m not a football fan, but….

Great Superbowl Game!

We have a little tradition in my family, Superbowl Sunday is a Special day.  We set a theme and I cook enough food to feed the family plus anyone who happens to stop by. Yesterday it was Southern Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork.  Of course being Sunday I had to make a Pasta dish, so it was Spinich Ravoli’s with an Alfredo Sauce.  Salad and 3 or 4 Appitizers.  Then the Game.  It’s the only game I watch all season, regardless of who is playing, and of course I have plenty of squares.  I didn’t make any money, but boy did I enjoy the game.  I wanted the Saints to win, and they did. But they also made it interesting. The game really moved, never dragged.  The result, well everyone knows by now. The Saints won the Superbowl.

I find it sad that Nomar is going to retire.  I loved watching him play for the Red sox and was really sad when Theo traded him.  Seeing him back for a game in Boston last year was really great, and I loved the reacation of the fans.  So did he!

The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy describes Nomar's first at bat in an opposing uniform at Fenway Park: on July 6, 2009 Last night Garciaparra came back to Fenway for the first time in five years. He was showered with even more love, just as he was for his entire Red Sox career. When he stepped into the box to face John Smoltz at 7:27, you would have thought Bill Russell and Bobby Orr had been introduced. The standing ovation was long and loud.


Only 4 more days until Truck Day! Spring Training is almost here!