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Today is the first day of Summer

June 21’s and the Sox are 1 game out of first place.  Where are all the people who said they couldn’t do it back in April, when to be honest we were having a really terrible Spring.  It’s okay, that is all behind us.  One game out of first with all rookies in the outfield.

What could have been sweeter than the hit in the ninth Saturday night against L.A. by Dustin Pedroia?  Dustin has never really been one of my favorites, but that might just be changing.

To bad Manny made the trip all the way back to Boston to lose 3 games.  Must say his mixed reception on Friday night surprised me.  Lot’s of cheering (there were boo’s too), I’m glad.  I wouldn’t have cheered but I wouldn’t have booed either,  you have to remember he did help us win the World Series in 2004 and 2007.

Not looking forward to the West Coast trip for the Sox.  That means we don’t watch the games and have to depend on the local papers for the Baseball news : (



Mixing up the days

What a terrible week, I thought yesterday was Friday, (today) when I realized it wasn’t I was too busy to rewrite the blog, so yesterdays pretty much is for today.

The one shinning light, Lackey and team pulled it off. It was a good night even though it was against Danny Haren. Danny is one of my favorite non Red Sox pitchers.  But when playing against the Sox it always comes down to my routing for the Sox.

Tonight it’s the Dodgers, We have a rookie pitching and Manny is playing outfield. All I can say is Thank God it’s Friday!

Feel bad about the Celtics, but they played a good year and it all came down to game 7 and 4 points.  Congratulations Guys, you still did us proud!


The Guys are looking good

A lot of smiling faces, and buff bodies at Spring Training yesterday.  Big Papi as always with a great smile!

David Ortiz was among the first position players to report to spring training on Monday. Several arrived last week to participate in informal workouts while pitchers and catchers were reporting, but Monday was the first day position players were required to report. Click here to see a gallery of early arrivals and pitchers and catchers reporting.

Tito making the new guy feel welcome!Red Sox manager Terry Francona welcomed new outfielder Mike Cameron to spring training on Monday. Cameron was acquired as a free agent. He spent last season with the Brewers.

Mikey always looks great!As the Red Sox finalize the potential deal that will send Mike Lowell to Texas along with an additional $8 million to $9 million, we look back at Lowell's career and the four seasons the beloved third baseman played in Boston.

Who snuck in the picture of Crabcakes? Lighten up JohnJon Lester blew a bubble during Monday's workouts.

And speaking of Crabby people, Manny Ranirez says this is his last year in L.A.  So does that mean he is going to lay down on the team like he did when he was through with the Red Sox? I hope L.A. is listening and dumps him before he gets the chance to dump them.

Once a bad apple always a bad apple.