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Papi’s coming back

Well at least Big Papi had a decent weekend. 2 homeruns, one off a left hander.

What is with the pitching staff? Are you aware that Jon Lester, John Lacky, and Clay Buchholtz wives are all having babies this summer? and Jonathan Paplebon’s wife just had a baby.  Do you think there is a connection with this and the crappy way they all have been pitching?  You would think they could plan things a little better?  And Dice K and Beckett? What is there problem?

I think there should be less said about Big Papi, Mike Lowell, and Tim Wakefield and more said and done with the Pitchers!

  LOW DOWN: Daisuke Matsuzaka hangs his...SMALL RELIEF: Red Sox reliever Scott...

On the other hand i’m liking Scott Schoeneweis.  PV’s he has a really good year.




It is a sure sign of Spring!

The New England novelty that is Truck Day will be tomorrow. The team equipment truck is scheduled to leave Fenway Park for Fort Myers, Fla., at approximately noon from Van Ness Street and Gate D

Jon Lester, Jonathan Papelbon, and Manny Delcarmen, have already started working out in Fort Myers.  Pitchers and catchers officially report next Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the 18-wheeler sat outside Fenway Park early Friday morning.

Missing the big storm will make it a lot easier for people to stand on the corner and take pictures of the workmen loading up the truck with Red Sox gear!

I can’t wait for some real baseball news. With nothing going on all the local papers do is speculate on who will be with the team “Next” year? VMart’s contract will be up at the end of the season, will he be the next Jason Bay?  Come on, enough of this crap, can’t we just get the season going? The season will end much too quick.

Do they not know that VMart will be our starting catcher?? That should count for something. And besides Mike Lowell and Tim Wakefield, VMart is probably my favorite player. No more negative talk about him!