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Sox and Celtics vs L.A.

I really miss Manny when I see pictures like this one.  But deep inside I have to hope he forgot how to play the green wall!

I won’t boo him tonight, but I won’t cheer him either.  He hurt us, and for no really good reason.

It will be interesting to watch how the fans react to him.


“John Farrell loves him. Absolutely loves him.” That’s what Tito had to say about Felix Doubront, the triple A pitcher that will start the game tonight for the Sox. 

I just hope the rest of the team is going to play some Kick *** Baseball tonight.  Sorry Manny, but you left us.

Last Game in the Celtic/L.A. fight for the Championship> Go Celtics, bring home the title!

I just heard on the radio it would be Lackey tonight? not sure who’s pitching



The Guys are looking good

A lot of smiling faces, and buff bodies at Spring Training yesterday.  Big Papi as always with a great smile!

David Ortiz was among the first position players to report to spring training on Monday. Several arrived last week to participate in informal workouts while pitchers and catchers were reporting, but Monday was the first day position players were required to report. Click here to see a gallery of early arrivals and pitchers and catchers reporting.

Tito making the new guy feel welcome!Red Sox manager Terry Francona welcomed new outfielder Mike Cameron to spring training on Monday. Cameron was acquired as a free agent. He spent last season with the Brewers.

Mikey always looks great!As the Red Sox finalize the potential deal that will send Mike Lowell to Texas along with an additional $8 million to $9 million, we look back at Lowell's career and the four seasons the beloved third baseman played in Boston.

Who snuck in the picture of Crabcakes? Lighten up JohnJon Lester blew a bubble during Monday's workouts.

And speaking of Crabby people, Manny Ranirez says this is his last year in L.A.  So does that mean he is going to lay down on the team like he did when he was through with the Red Sox? I hope L.A. is listening and dumps him before he gets the chance to dump them.

Once a bad apple always a bad apple.