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The Crab is finally smiling

Sweep in Canada!

Finally a good game for Lester, I was starting to wonder what was wrong with him?  We all know he can pitch, so why did it take so long to get in the groove? Well let’s hope this is the start of a 15 to 20 game winning season for him.PITCHING FORM: Red Sox starter Jon...

What is not to love about this guy?Darnell Mcdonald put his time in the minors, now it’s seems it’s his time to shine.  Boston Red Sox's Darnell McDonald is mobbed by teammates including Dustin Pedroia, right, after his game winning walk-off single won the game 7-6 in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Texas Rangers in a MLB baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Tuesday, April 20, 2010. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

PV’s to Bob Uecker, going in for heart surgery on Friday.



The Old and the New

Lowell  homered, walked, driven an RBI single off the Wall, and flied to right. Mike is the Man right now! I’m torn, I love David Ortiz, but until he gets it together what better person to have playing DH than Mikie?

Speaking of getting it together, how about the pitching staff?  What is up with that? Beckett, Lester, Lakey, probably 3 of the best. and Dice K, well I don’t even want to blog about him. What the H3ll is wrong with them?

We will not continue to win on hitting alone.  There are too many really good pitchers out there.


Pretty exciting game, they look like the old Sox.  Pitching, not so great, but bringing the kids up from Pawtuckett is really helping.  And that’s good. It seems every year we bring up a few and someone turns into a Superstar!  This year it looks like Darnell McDonald !

PV’s Papi


No one is happy, until last night!

Glad to see the front office isn’t too happy either!Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein...This is a beautiful picture of Theo, but boy does he look angry!

On the other hand the “new kid in town” saved the day!

“I couldn’t write a script any better,” McDonald said after sending a crowd of 37,614 into a frenzy and being swarmed by his teammates at second base. “A dream come true.”HERO'S WELCOME: Darnell...

We need more games like this one, and if it takes a Kid from the minors to do it, So be it!

I was sorry to see Big Papi so upset last night, the other side of that coin is I was so happy to see Mike Lowell in the game that I forgot whose place he was taking.