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Scott who?

Scott Schoeneweis allowed no runs and one strikeout in one inning. In the opening game against the NY Yankees most of the relief pitchers got a shot, but after reading a blog from http://www.toeingtherubber.com about him this weekend, I was kind of anxious to see him pitch.

I need a photo of him in a red sox uniform)

I want him to do well. I would really like all of Red Sox Nation to get behind him.  I think right now he needs the support.

Standing Ovation for Mike Lowell last night.  Made me cry,

FAN FAVORITE: Mike Lowell tips his... 

and Pedro throwing out the first pitch made me smile!FRIENDLY FENWAY: Former Sox ace Pedro...

In other opening night news, The Red Sox Won!! Okijima got the win. 9 to 7 definetly a hitters game.  That’s okay, we will take the win anyway we can. And I’m sure the weather helped. It was unseasonably warm for the first week in April. Hope it last all week.

Day off today, and I think everyone needs it. Tomorrow back to Fenway and the Yankees. 



Somethings just don’t belong in baseball

Bernie Carbo has found God, and now he tells anyone that will listen “what a loser he was”.He delivered an 8:30 a.m. service before a day's worth of baseball.

Drugs, Booze, Pot, This guy did it all and then went out and tried to play ball.  He is know for the Home run in the 1975 world series that tied the game and got Fisk up to win the game.I don’t remember much about the 70’s, but I do remember that game. I also remember that my daughter loved Bernie.  Now I wish he was someone I forgot.

Terry Francona finally came up with the rotation, Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz, Looks like Dice K will be in a bull pen for a while.

I am really happy to see Spring Training come to an end, maybe the rain will end with it. Opening Night and a new Season start Sunday. Let’s hope they bring some good weather with them from Florida.


Where is Spring?

Sunday is the first game of the season. Right now they are forcasting 70 degrees in the afternoon.  They probably should have had an afternoon game.  With the weather as crazy as it has been it will be freezing after sundown.  That’s if it doesn’t decide to start raining again.

I’ve had it with the rain! It finally hit my celler. My back yard looks like a dump, rugs, boxes clothes. Tomorrow it goes to the dump. In the meantime the rain continues. Can’t imagine Fenway being dry by opening night.

WOUNDED KNEE: Hard-luck Red Sox...Why does God keep smiting Mike Lowell? He’s not a bad person. He really needs just a little break health wise. PV’s Mike!

Opening Day is almost here

It’s just 6 days until the opening game of the season,Terry Francona will use five starters: Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz.  That sounds really good!  The only thing that could be better would be a strarting opening day of oh, let’s just say April 23 at 1:00 at Fenway. By the end of April the weather should be really nice, and opening day should always be in the afternoon.

Mike Lowell is really having a tough time. Not that he is complaining, he is not that kind of guy.  His knee is swollen and he has not and probably won’t have enough at bats to start in the opening game.  He will probably come up to Boston on the disabled list.  Again not that he is complaining.  He knows his limitations.

Games haven’t started and I have already gotten a couple of tickets. It’s nice, but there is no way I am going to Fenway in April.  My daughter will enjoy the tickets, Thanks P.N. but next time July. Please.




Here’s a guy you have to like

J.D. Drew

I don’t think it matters where you bat. That’s the God’s honest truth. When you’re swinging the bat well, it doesn’t matter where you hit in the lineup.”(J.D. Drew)

More players should be like J.D. He just wants to play.  I love to watch him, not much emotion, but he plays his position well, and even batting 8th he gets the hits when you need them.


'There's a certain...(photos from boston herald)

Mike Lowell is still on 1st. Starting to feel a little comfortable there. Looks like the hip will never be normal. A few teams have been watching him, they think he’s a little to stiff, not using that hip. That pretty much takes him out of being traded, at least for the time being.Not that it upsets me to hear that.  I know he want’s to play every day, but I’m not so sure his hip could handle that.

10 days till Opening Night, again I say, MLB had no right stepping in and making The Sox and Yankees Opening Day game Easter Sunday at night!  April 4th is going to be pretty cold after sundown.  Sure our guys, and the Yankees for that matter are use to bad weather, but do we have to start the season that way? S*cks!


Lowell on first…..that’s okay

Mike Lowell made his spring training debut for the Boston Red Sox. Of course it was on first and not third, but thats okay, as long as Mike is playing for the Sox I’m happy.

Mike Lowell

I’m not stupid and I know Mike will not be with us forever, but I’m going to enjoy having him around while I can.

Wakefield had a poor outing yesterday, but that’s what Spring Training is all about.  Get those kinks out before opening day.

The rain has finally stopped in Boston, and maybe that means Spring is on the way so when the Sox get home the weather will be beautiful