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One more year for Big Papi

The Sox yesterday exercised their one-year, $12.5 million option on Ortiz. The decision brings the ever-popular Big Papi back for a ninth season.

The Sox will pay Ortiz what could turn out to be twice as much as any other DH in the game makes. But Ortiz is not just another slugger for hire, given his place in team history and popularity.(boston.com)

This is such a good start for the Team.

Now it’s time to look at the pitchers.

So Happy for the Giants! If it couldn’t be the Red Sox, I was hoping for San Francisco.

 We have lots of family in Frisco.  One of my younger cousins took the time off work, flew to Texas and was there for the Series Winning Game!! Something he will never forget! So happy for you Teddy!  Hope you took a ton of pictures.




5 for 5 in 5 hours, way to go Dustin

I’m really glad this series with Colorado is over.  I know we won last night, but 1 out of 3 is not so good.

Pedroia was in a slump and not much was said about it in the media, luckily before they got there talons into him he came out of the slump with a bang.  He has never been my favorite player, but it’s getting harder and harder not to love him.10

Thanks Dustin for salvaging the series for us.  We can now move on with our head held high.15

With the weekend here I may even get to watch some baseball.

I am pretty disapointed that Mike Lowell has been put on the DL.  I understand it was time to bring Dice K back up, but Mike deserves better.  I don’t want to see him leave, it will break my heart, but I think what the Sox are doing is just plain cruel


Tired of west coast baseball

I really don’t like the Sox playing on the west coast, even when they start the game before 10:00p.m.  That’s still going to make for a late game. 

It looks to me like the Sox don’t especially care for the west coast either. One more game in Colorado then on to San Francisco. 

I have a cousin in San Fran, that has tickets to the game and invited us out.  It would be fun, but I don’t fly, and I can’t imagine finally getting on a plane just to go all that was and have them lose. So I figure if we stay home they have a real good chance of beating San Francisco.


I love the way Andre drops to his knee.