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Kerry for Youk

It was very nice of Senator Kerry to take time out of his busy day to ask the voters of Massachusetts to stop for a second and vote for Kevin Youklis.

On the other hand the way people have been getting injured, maybe it’s not such a good idea. Kevin had a little ankle cramp last night, he should be back tonight.  We really don’t want anything worse to happen to him.

John Kerry, left, encourages Red Sox...

Nick Swisher is asking all the celebrities(sp) to push a vote for him.

Also up for consideration for the final spot are Michael Young (Texas), Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox) and Delmon Young (Minnesota) . Voting ends on Thursday. So if you want to keep Kevin home and safe, and don’t want Swisher to make it, there are other options.  My personal favorite is Delmon Young.

Stay healthy Kevin, there is at least 3 more months of Baseball to play. 



I’m sorry I didn’t vote for you to play in the All Star Game, but really Kevin, just think how lucky you have been this year.  With so many of the guys injured how could we chance sending you to the West Coast to a Game that really dosen’t mean anything?

Okay, that said, everyone should be voting for you today.  You have to win, if nothing else just to beat Swisher!

Come on Red Sox Nation, let’s show them what we’ve got! Vote for Youklis today! Don’t wait until it’s too late.It was a frustrating day all around for Kevin Youkilis and the Red Sox, who failed to sweep the Orioles because of Sunday's loss.